Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our modifications

We purchased the Liberty version of the Casita because it is the ONLY fiberglass travel trailer with this particular versatile design. 

The galley is on both sides of the trailer, leaving a very large area at the rear of the trailer (something like 70”x80”) for one very large dinette; a regular sized side-to-side bed AND a 2-person dinette; two twin-sized beds with a small table between; or a queen- or king-sized sleeping area (either side-to-side or back-to-front).  We plan to have our Casita for many years and wanted the option of different sleeping options depending on our future needs.

Because we love our Sleep Number bed at home, we decided to try a thick queen-sized air mattress in the trailer.  Initially, we set our bed up from back to front, with excess room on each side.  Since then, we’ve slept side-to-side with our heads at both the left and the right sides, and seem most comfortable with our heads on the left (passenger) side.  We can also set up the small dinette table during the day or evening if wanted.


One of the first modifications we did (after removing the chains from the microwave cabinet door) was put some rubber feet on the bottom of the door so it would rest comfortably on the top of the refrigerator.  I like having the extra counter space to make sandwiches or other food but stow it away once it’s not needed.  Funny how having limited space makes me a better housekeeper!

Next, we put a rubber bumper on the corner of the belly band to prevent the door from unexpectedly banging into it.

One of our “splurges” was to get a BAL leveler, but it has been worth the expense.

During our initial “shake down” trip, the top vent was unprotected so it needed to stay shut while we traveled (during July).  We were glad to finally get the vent cover installed so we can leave the vent open now while traveling and overnight even if it rains.


We installed this reflective tape (like commercial trucks are required to have) along the belly band and reflectors on the top front and back to help other drivers see us while traveling.


We’ve continued to tweak and tune our Casita modifications and slowly add the more involved or expensive items.

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