Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it Spring yet????

I’m getting cabin fever or something! My thoughts are going to campgrounds next to lakes & rivers, & miles of road in new & exciting parts of the country.

BUT. . .it’s still winter at my house! October was much colder than usual, & November was mild. December was 2-3 times snowier than normal while January allowed everything to thaw.  Now February is bringing more snow, so I’m wondering when Spring might arrive and just how bad those storms might be.

I’ve occupied my time this winter scouring lots of websites for general RV information, fulltime RVing, living on the road, frugal camping, and Casita modifications.

At least we’ve made some mods and enhancements to the trailer this winter.

Since Jeff has driven a commercial truck for decades, he put these reflective strips along the belly band & reflective circles along the top front & back — just to make sure other drivers see us in the dark and/or bad weather.

Jeff does most of the cooking on a camp stove outside, so all his cooking utensils are easily accessible by the door. The snap-on grab bar goes outside on the side of the Casita to hold a garbage sack.  And I included a wind chime from the house here to hang outside when we camp.

I hung a mesh bag in the back of the bathroom to store dirty clothes out of the way & easily go from the camper to the laundry when we get back home.  The double stripe from the door around to the window is a dual line of dark blue electrical tape — just for decoration.

I also replaced the original shower curtain with a full-sized clear plastic one (trimmed a few inches off the bottom) that attaches to hooks on the ceiling to make it a “dry” bath.  I hung the toilet paper roll on a mini bungee cord hooked to the bottom of the wire rack next to the door.

Another grab bar holds extra towels in the bathroom.  An Eva-Dry 300 (passive) de-humidifier absorbs our camping humidity and condensation when outside temps are cool. It’s living in the bathroom sink for now.

Finally found these stick-on spice holders for easy access.  Replaced the faucet with a higher one & installed a Britta water filter for cooking, coffee, & dog water. Buying, carrying, & disposing of bottled water has become such a hassle.  Also got a 3-pack of adjustable bars to hold items on the refrigerator shelves.

Note the cover over the sink — it slides to the left, out of the way, giving additional counter space when wanted.

Moved all our electronic gadgets to this wall [so we can lean against the wall next to the sink] & ran an extension cord from the plug-in under the closet, up & over the bathroom door. Now we can plug in the toothbrush, coffee maker, OR crock pot, & recharge cell fons.

We added these hanging sweater storage shelves in the closet to store clothes [instead of over the bed].

Since we camp more during cool weather (late Fall & early Spring), condensation & just cold temperatures make it unpleasant. I got some bubble wrap from Lowes & stuck it behind the blinds of the windows, inside the bezel of the roof vent, and taped over the bathroom window & bottom of screen door. I was impressed with how warm it feels to touch even when the outside temp is below freezing.  We’ll see how this works during our first Spring outing.

This is my fast, cheap fix to plug the electrical ‘mouse hole’ from actually being used by mice.  Just steel wool taped around the cord (so it doesn’t get lost). We’ll see how it works.

So, now we’re ready to hit the road again. . .just as soon as the snow melts & the nighttime temps don’t get below freezing for too long.  Oh the joy of picking a place to camp!

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  1. Great update ! You guys have got it on your minds ! Hope to see you at Lake Greeson at the Jugfest 2010.
    harm & bett


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