Monday, April 5, 2010

Miami County State Fishing Lake

Although we expected storms Friday morning, we wanted to go camping and try out more of the modifications we made to our Casita.  We arrived at this lake to set up camp on the far jetty at the shallow end of the lake about dark on Thursday, April 1st. It was shorts and t-shirt weather.
Map picture
We had a quiet, comfortable night, but by 9am Friday morning, the storms were moving in. We had strong winds and rain with a 15 degree temperature drop, but thankfully no hail like other locations in a large area of Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri.
After the storm stopped, Jeff started fishing, but another [ugly] storm passed by to the east of us.
By late afternoon though, the sun was out and we were enjoying ourselves.
Kira was interested in the fisherman nearby as well as the new tent campers on the next jetty over from us.
Shortly after dark, Jeff “caught” this huge blue catfish. He really wrestled it more than caught it since it spit out the lure. Fortunately it couldn’t get back to deep enough water because of the rocks along the side of the jetty. At 9 1/4 pounds, it was quite a chore getting that wet, wiggly, loose, and barbed fish onto shore.
I realize most people detest dandelions, but I love photographing the delicacy of both the bloom and the seed head.
Saturday morning was clear, warm, and a beautiful Spring morning. Jeff baked bisquits in our new Coleman camp oven.  It worked great — and they were delicious.

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