Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Following the Missouri River South

Tuesday morning, we left the South Dakota Badlands and started wandering our way home. Since interstate highways tend to be direct and fast — but boring (especially across the plains which are miles and miles of more miles and miles of rolling farm land), we like to drive a lot of state and local roads — shun piking. So we turned south off I-90 west of the Missouri River to follow it’s path through South Dakota, maybe into Nebraska too.
South Dakota has dammed the Missouri River in several places, creating their version of the Great Lakes. We ended up at a primitive little campground along the south bank of Lake Francis Case at Pickstown, SD, near the dam. The wind was STILL howling and the lake (or wide river channel) was covered with white caps, so fishing wasn’t an option. Jeff did wet a lure, but gave up. Fortunately it was still cool, dry, and comfortable, so we slept well!
By Wednesday morning, we were getting antsy to get back home (to do laundry, clean the Casita inside & out, check our accumulated mail, & best of all, catch up on our favorite television shows we recorded while gone). So instead of any more rambling, we headed for I-29 and then south toward home.
Oh, but wait, we’re going through Council Bluffs, IA (Omaha area), right by the nearest Camping World. Just had to stop in to look around and see if there was anything we just HAD to have or wanted on our wish list. I even took Kira inside the store since it was mid-day and we didn’t want to leave her sitting in the pickup. She got lots of hugs and attention.
A funny thing happened on the way toward home — we just weren’t quite ready yet. Atchison KS State Fishing Lake here we come!

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