Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kansas Casita Rendezvous – Chase County Fishing Lake

We finally got to go camping with other Casita owners this weekend. There were seven Casitas in all: 5 Spirits & 2 Liberties (including ours), with 12 attendees (Jerry & Kathryn, Joyce & Tom, Rob, Bob & Marianne, another Bob, Blair & Linda, and us (plus Kira – the only camp dog).
The camping area was right next to the Lake (as are all the campsites at Chase), snuggled amongst the trees, with pretty flat campsites. We were near the pavilion to have a campfire, prepare shared meals [lots & lots of great food] and 3 picnic tables. We had warm, sunny days & cool, crisp nights — just perfect for boondocking. Sunday clouded up by mid-morning, but all but two Casitas left by early afternoon.
I normally sleep very good & very late when camping, but Friday morning I woke up before anyone else and caught a gorgeous, peach-colored sunrise, pink on the distant hills, and a closeup of a dandelion in the sunshine.
Later in the morning, we all did a “show & tell” looking at each other’s trailers and discussing our existing or wanted mods. We picked up several ideas for more mods we want to make.
Friday evening, we all went into Cottonwood Falls to eat at Emma Chase Cafe. . .a very busy & popular spot since you didn’t get in without a reservation! Jeff & I both had fried catfish which was fantastic. Then I topped off my meal with a slice of fresh peach pie.
We walked around the cobble-stone main street to see the actual Cottonwood Falls on the Cottonwood River as well as the oldest functioning court house in Kansas, an ornate Fresh provincial design.
Saturday was fairly windy all day, but the breeze across the Lake was a welcomed relief if out in the sunshine. We had planned to see some of the local and historical sights but enjoyed the company so much of everyone in the group that we never left the campground.
Since we were camped off the lake road, I started letting Kira run around dragging her leash. She did such a good job of staying near camp, that Saturday I took her leash off completely. She wandered off a few times, but basically stayed near, running, digging, and sleeping hard.
Saturday night, Rob fixed both brisket & barbequed ribs while everyone else provided a side dish or desert. Sitting around the campfire as the sun was sitting, feeling full & content, the conversations ran the gambit of subjects. The sunset was just as 'peachy' as the sunrises. We’re all hoping to make this an Annual get together on Columbus Day weekend, and I’m hoping even for a ‘shake down’ campout in April. So now, our favorite Kansas Fishing Lake is unfortunately a 3 hr drive from home. . .but it’s SOOOO worth it.

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