Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Going workkamping!!!

Yee haw!! We got an email this morning from RiverCamp USA near Piney Creek, NC, just south of the VA border, about a work kamping job for the summer!  We’ve had several phone conversations & they’re sending us a contract! We’re so beyond excited. It’s a small campground that provides canoe/kayak/inter-tubing on the river along side of the 60-site campground. It’s in the mountains with lots of trees & a place for Jeff to fish. Exactly what we’ve hoped for. My camera shutter finger is itching even! I’m still can’t believe it — they found us.

So, now that we’ve actually got somewhere to go, we have much more motivation to get moved out & organized asap — in spite of sore muscles. We’re aiming at arriving June 1st. If it weren’t for Memorial Day weekend, we’d be there sooner — but we don’t like to be on the road for anything on major holidays.

Earlier this week, I answered a CraigsList request for building material, & it ended up being a young family with 4 pre-school children fixing up an “office” trailer (which they got free) as a home in a very rural area. They combed thru our left over parts & pieces of wood, paneling, insulation, sheetrock, etc & hauled it off. And, they’re coming back for more things we don’t need & never thought we could find anyplace to donate even. In the process, we uncovered my grandfather’s heavy-a** anvil which we thought had disappeared somehow. Our neighbor wants to buy it & that’s better than if we’d had it in the auction.

Sheesh, the surprises just keep showing up as we dig thru years of accumulated junk!  I’m so glad there aren’t any places to loose things like this for years at a time in our Casita! Life just keeps getting better.

Thanks for more encouraging comments & emails. I'm so convinced the RV community is full of friends we just haven't met yet!


  1. We would have taken that heavy a** anvil off your hands. The blacksmith has more it could visit with in the shop!

  2. Wow, this is exciting news. Sounds like a great adventure to kick off your journey. And another family is benefiting from your stuff. So amazing how things just seem to fall into place.

    We will be watching your adventure with great interest and hope to meet someday.

  3. Hi! Just found your blog. How exciting that you got the workamping position you wanted. The fishing sounds wonderful! Looking forward to following along on your adventure.


  4. Congratulations on the job. I am sure you will enjoy workkamping. It sounds like a great park and to it will be nice to make use of the creek.

    Kevin and Ruth


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