Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

(Piney Creek, NC) I’m STILL working on getting caught up with all the RV blogs I follow with Google Reader. Clearing out the house, moving into the Casita, traveling to NC, & workkamping has put a serious crimp on my blog-reading opportunities. I’m so glad Google Reader keeps track of new and unread posts. I’ve learned SOOOOO much from reading these blogs & appreciate that so many people are willing to share their experiences and suggestions. Thank you all.

I have a couple of suggestions/requests though for bloggers:
  • I wish everyone would include the state along with the town they’re in or talking about (like I’m starting to do at the start of all my posts). I also see that Blogger now has an option to add your location (did I miss that before?). I’ve read about interesting places to visit or campgrounds to stay at but have no idea even what part of the country they’re located, much less what specific state. That’s partly why I have a widget on my blog to enter a location into Google maps so I can figure out the location of some place that interests me.
  • Since I read blogs from Google Reader instead of going to each individual blog page, I like the blogs which post the entire message instead of an abbreviated version requiring that you click on another link to read the whole post. I had my blog set for those abbreviated posts at one time, but since I’ve done data entry for decades, I don’t like any additional key strokes to accomplish what I want. That’s just me being lazy efficient though.
Time Zones: Having only been in Eastern time for short periods of time during my life, I’m learning some peculiarities between Central & Eastern time. Although Eastern is an hour ahead of Central, everything (TV programs for instance) starts an hour later. . .which essentially puts us in the same time frame as in Central. If I wanted to watch the late night news, it’s at 10pm at home but 11pm here in NC. It just means it’s OK for me to get up an hour later. Really makes me wonder about the difference living in Pacific/Mountain time when we head southwest for the winter.

Heat Wave: I am NOT a hot weather person & dislike working up a sweat when it’s hot/humid enough to glisten just standing outside breathing. So to explain how absolutely amazed & happy we are to be in the cool, non-buggy Blue Ridge Mountains of NC at RiverCamp USA while much of the country is experiencing record breaking heat is beyond words. Now don’t get me wrong, I do my fair share of complaining about cold weather too, but overall, it’s so much easier to just put on more clothes to be comfortable. rather than expecting any relief by removing clothes. Isn’t it funny how my temperature comfort range seems to have narrowed as I’ve aged?  What’s up with that?

Economic Times: As the reports of the US economy continues to get uglier, I’m hearing/reading more & more reports of people moving into RVs (either due to foreclosures or just insufficient income to live in a S&B). I’ve shared our full-timing choices with friends & family who find this lifestyle a fascinating option — something totally new to them. So, I’m wondering just how much the traditional lifestyle choices may change (going more toward living in an RV) as the economy continues to change (worsen, stagnate, or [gasp] improve)? Might more people start realizing a more efficient & ecological, less stressful & competitive way of living? How will living in the US change in the next 10 years? Some of these possible answers are exciting while others could keep me awake at night!

Living Small: This is still a work in progress, & staying organized will probably be a continuous thing — once we FINALLY get things weeded out & organized. Right now, there’s no way we could spend one night even Wallydocking simply because we’ve got too much stuff currently setting outside on our ‘deck’ being used on a daily basis. Future plans include some way of utilizing the awning as an additional living/storage area while parked/camped for more than a few days. I sure am happy to not have to be in a hurry figuring this all out. . .cause I’m all out of hurry for another month or so probably!


  1. RV blogging is a bit different from my blog, but as a woman who lives and travels alone I am in the habit of intentionally not being specific about my location. The internet is a sword that cuts 2 ways. It is fun to meet folks I've only known through their blogs and read they are close to me geographically as so we share a meal or cup of coffee in real life. I've met Brian of RV Boondocking and Ara of Oasis of My Soul because I read on their blog they were headed my direction and I communicated with them. However, again as a single woman alone, I want to stay in control of when and where I meet folks I only know from the blogosphere. Just an alternative point of view. Of course, if I was blogging about a really great place that I thought others should go visit, it would help my goal to mention just what state I'm in. :)

  2. Shadowmoss, thanks for your comment. I so totally agree with you on keeping control of your personal info posted on the internet. You make excellent points. My main issuet is that bloggers post towns, sights, & campgrounds where they are (or have been) & I don't have a clue if it's anywhere we're close to or might want to visit sometime. Since there's two of us & we're currently in a busy & controlled campground, I don't mind letting people know where we are. BUT. . .if we were boondocked in a secluded location without any nearby neighbors, I'd be much more 'elusive' about the location. However, I will identify the locations of places we visit.


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