Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stormy Father’s Day Weekend

There had been no rain to speak of at our campground since we arrived June 1st. . .until Saturday (6/19). We knew this huge system was coming in from Kentucky, & since the campground rents canoes, kayaks, and inner tubes, they are always watching the weather to keep customers from any dangerous situations floating down the New River. Still, there were many canoers who got drenched on the River when the storm hit, including 3 dads with 10 very young children. Thankfully everyone returned safety, just wet & cold.

We also had a group of around 50 people (mostly bikers who all frequent the same watering hole) yesterday about ready to go on out on tubes when the storm broke. I saw the clouds & ran over to our trailer to check the weather radar on my computer (YIKES, it’s right on top of us) and grabbed my umbrella (like I’m gona shrink or melt!). It was pouring sideways by the time I ran back across the lane & into the store! The winds reached over 60mph so the rain was really fierce for 15-20 minutes & had all these people standing inside the store.
Some others were trying to stay dry sitting on the seats along the front porch, but the blowing rain had them standing up on the seats trying to stay out of it. We had numerous tree branches blown down around the main campground.

Needless to say, the biker group cancelled their tubing adventure and headed back to the primitive area affectionately called the Renegade Campground, located over the hill behind the main campground where their tents were pitched. A few times Saturday evening, we could hear some noise from their area so I don’t imagine the wet ground & much cooler temperatures were bothering them a bit! It’s cool and threatening storms again today (Sunday), so NO ONE is going out on the River today. (Update: Yes, some folks (with children even) still braved the River & the weather.)

When we took Kira for her evening walk, we ended up listening to several songs by a man playing a guitar & singing. His name is Rick, and he was an excellent musician! Plus the entire group loved on Kira a lot. She was in doggy heaven!

Here are some photos I took earlier this week of the remote campground & the creek running around it.
Upper left is the road leading into the camping area.
One of two campfire locations.
The other campfire location (at the other end of the open area) near the bathrooms.
An uphill trail to the bathroom (two flush toilets & a cold-only shower).
The rest of these photos are of the babbling creek running around the camping area.



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  1. We experienced the same storm system down here in AL and it was rather frightening. I wouldn't want to be on the open water during it, that's for sure. At least we got some rain out of it!

    I'm really enjoying following along on your Casita full-timing adventures. You're photos are just great!

    P.S. Looks like I might be able to finally comment here (though not with my Google account ?!?!?!). Blogger's been a Booger lately.


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