Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun with my Citrus Droid

The best part about this trip back to MO & KS was really getting some use out of a few of the Droid apps on my little Citrus phone. Yes, I know – it’s slow. But it eventually gets me to where I want to go.

We used GasBuddy for all our fuel stops to find the lowest gas, always off the interstate somewhere we’d have never found otherwise (every penny helps).

I also used Yelp for a couple of stops that worked fantastic.  Love getting directions on a map for locations. There sure is a lot of different categories for finding services & products. Great for travelers in strange areas for most every conceivable situation.

I’ve tried several different weather apps & am liking MyWeather the best so far. It knows exactly where I am without me having to enter/change/save a location (great since I may not know exactly where we are sometime). Then it can show me a radar map of wherever we are too. I can also add other locations to see their temps or go to a radar map for somewhere else. And it ties in with the on-line website I can access from my computer too.

GPS Status is pretty handy with a compass, longitude/latitude, & elevation. Even tells me the speed we’re traveling. 

Antennas is sort of kewl to watch the Verizon towers that I’m accessing along the roads.

I also used Google Reader to check the blogs I follow & Google to read email. That’s especially helpful if I’m wanting to conserve on our Mi-Fi usage. I don’t watch many YouTube or other videos using the Mi-Fi so far, so the unlimited data on the fon works out great for videos!

Oh, also Beat the Traffic helped identify how big the traffic backup was in Louisville plus some road work on I-81 last Friday.

Anyway, I’m weeding out the apps I don’t care for & using the ones that offer multiple functions. Would love to hear from other travelers about the Droid apps you find most useful (& hopefully free).


  1. Cool! I know nothing about the Citrus Droid but sure love my Blackberry - the sound quality and the apps. :)

  2. Good information. I need to file that away. I would think internet service and apps would be one of the most important full-timing topics. So many decisions and so much to wade through.

    The new pic on your homepage is great, BTW.


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