Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sycamore Springs near English, IN

We got on the road from VA a little after 9am – headed toward MO-KS, south on I-81, then west on I-64. I’ve realized the ‘mountains’ in Virginia, and especially West Virginia are much higher, steeper, & closer together than in North Carolina [even as big as those were]. Dah. I have very mixed feelings riding thru WV tho. The views are spectacular – but it sure beats up the gas mileage & (at least seems like it) strains the pickup going up those 7% grades. The bumpy road (buckling from the heat I suppose) unrolled our roll of paper towels too. Heard about that happening, just never experienced it before. Guess I’ll have to read up on preventing that.
Either the cats are getting used to traveling, just don’t care anymore, or maybe think they’re going back home, but they’ve become pretty good travelers. Maybe Kira had a little chat with them to explain the routine of camping, overnighting, & traveling. A few hours into the drive tho, Boots seemed to be asking “Are we there YET?” Since we just kept moving, he must have decided we weren’t there yet. In fact, between stops for gas & food & a serious traffic jam in Louisville, KY that was longer than our combined stops, we didn’t get to our campground until nearly 8:30pm (when they close the gates)!
We spent the night in one of our favorite campgrounds (for several reasons) – Sycamore Springs near English, IN. It’s just north of I-64 at Exit 86, close to midway between Kansas City & Jeff’s parents in VA. And – IT’S FREE - with electricity, free wood (not that we wanted a campfire in this heat) & water spigots to fill up our empty tank. It’s an old farmstead that the children have turned into a non-profit area, providing a gorgeous camping area along a mountain stream in a beautiful park-like setting. And did I mention it’s FREE WITH ELECTRICITY! Oh, and the Verizon Mi-Fi gets a great signal but my Citrus Droid is dead in the water!! Since we got to the campground so late, I didn’t get any photos taken, so these are from last year.
We were seriously wiped out after today’s drive tho. I was totally, dripping wet just taking Kira for a walk, getting the cats in the trailer, & sitting up the inside of the trailer before the A/C could work it’s magic. Every time I went outside, my glasses fogged up. Jeez, it shouldn’t be this hot & humid anywhere!!
This photo of a steamy sunrise thru the trees was taken this morning. Still unbelievably hot & muggy at 7am. But – we slept well with the A/C cranked down so the windows fogged up.
Here’s our campsite. Jeff’s sitting at the picnic table with his morning coffee, Kira has been wandering around dragging a very long lead, & Mr. Boots is sitting below the trailer door. He wasn’t too sure about being outside in this strange place.
We’re ready & anxious to get back to MO, so we rolled out about 9am (Eastern time). Wheew, we gain our lost hour back today getting into Central time.

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  1. Are you comnig all the way to I-70 on I-64, if you are you will only a couple miles from our place when you get to the highway N exit in I-64/40/US61
    don't know what your plans are but your welcome to stop, Sam's cell number is314-223-5763. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna, also it's 103 here in Dardenne Prairie MO.


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