Friday, July 1, 2011

Workamping can be hard WORK!

A week ago (last Monday evening), Jeff stumbled and hurt his back while trying to keep from tripping over something. He moaned & groaned all week long but was starting to feel like his back was getting better. And then. . .Saturday morning (nearly a week ago) while loading a canoe onto the trailer, he apparently zigged when he should have zagged & nearly went down on his knees from the pain in his back & right leg.

After a trip to the local Emergency Room, he had pain killers, muscle relaxers, & steroids to sooth his bulging disc. He hasn’t done anything much all week but rest. Maybe it’s getting better finally tho because his only meds now are the steroids & the pain is much more tolerable now with only ibuprofen. But he hasn’t worked all week

We’re also re-evaluating our previous decision to return to RiverCamp after our trip back to MO next month for doctor appointments and a class reunion. We might look for a workamping spot in southern MO or northern AR, or even as far as the Black Hills of SD (would still be closer to MO than returning to NC), but then there’s that horrible July and August heat & humidity. We’re thinking high & dry somewhere West might finish the summer nicely. If we leave for MO earlier than originally planned, we can swing thru VA to visit his parents for a few days & not need to return east of the Mississippi this year. In all honesty, I think we’re both getting a case of hitch itch too. Although I LOVE the mountains, trees, cool weather, & even the curvy roads, I’m sort of feeling claustrophobic (for lack of a better word). Maybe I’ve lived in or near Kansas for too many decades. I miss seeing an actual horizon!

After a full month of living in our Casita (with a dog & two cats), we’re still totally sure we’ve made the right choice in going full time & in staying in the Casita. My big Maine Coon, Boots, has even ventured outside a few times now (with a leash attached). The cats are content for the most part just sitting & looking out the open window. It rained every day most of last week & we just vegged comfortable inside together, napping & watching TV. I’m still making minor adjustments in the arrangement of things, but as long as I don’t get lazy or sloppy, we’re totally comfortable (just like in our house). It tickles me that few ‘campers’ want a television with them, but living full time in a camper apparently makes us RVers since the television is the one thing that makes it all feel like a home. Besides, we don’t have anywhere else to ‘get away from’.

The campground is TOTALLY booked for the 4th of July weekend. RVs have been pulling in on a regular basis since Thursday evening. Seems to be quite a few dogs too which are keeping Kira stirred up. For the most part, she’s pretty quiet, but other times she never seems to get relaxed enough to stop watching for new dogs [Alert! Alert, Will Robinson]. I’ve taken her for a couple of longer than usual walks (runs actually part of the time – yes, I had to jog a ways to keep up with her), but it takes awhile to wear her out. And she’s really starting to “blow” her winter double coat this week. . . plus needing a bath. Yep, just like home!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the back injury! Hopefully the steroids and muscle relaxers will make for quick healing.

    Great point about the tv making it feel like home.

    I hear there is only one cure for hitch itch.


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