Friday, August 12, 2011

Pagosa Riverside Campground

I cannot believe the difference in the weather. I am so loving these Colorado mountains! It has gotten a tad too warm in the afternoon to be working outside for me, but we spent Saturday afternoon getting our campsite set up & organized. Then Sunday, I spent several hours cleaning & reorganizing inside the Casita. We started working Monday.

Since there’s only one other couple working full time here, we quickly put in our 10-hr minimum each per week for our campsite. Feels good to be working for money now. I’m still learning the office routine of checking in new campers, selling merchandise, and making reservations. Jeff’s really enjoying helping campers find their campsite & get set up, light lawn maintenance, and general handyman. With 80+ campsites (FHU 50A & 30A, W/E only 30A & 20A, & tent sites) accommodating various length RVs, it’s quite a brain teaser making reservations (non-computerized).

The cats are happy not to be traveling, & Kira is really enjoying all the smells and the cool weather as we take our walks around the campground. In addition to backing right up to the San Juan River, the campground also has a pond with a few paddle boats for the kids to play with. Our specific campsite is small but fairly private – just no shade from the late afternoon sun on our back window. They tell me we’ll enjoy that late afternoon sun in another month.

I finally got a chance to take some photos as Kira bounced around one cool 41ยบ morning. Click on this photo to go to my growing Picasa album of the campground.

The other workamping couple finally had a few days off after nearly two weeks, so Thursday & Friday, Jeff & I worked a couple of very long [albeit not terribly difficult] days. We’re getting our schedules arranged tho so that at least we can all work 4 days & be off 3 days. I’m accumulating sights I want to visit in the area like Chimney Rock.


  1. In 2008 I stayed at a campground in that area, I didn't have an RV and stayed in an apartment above the garage. It's a beautiful area, enjoy your stay and don't work too hard.

  2. Wonderful photos. It almost looks like the river is flowing!

    Good to hear you are getting all settled in. I just looked up the campground in my "Trailer Life" guide. You are in an ideal part of the state at a great time of year! I took a travel nurse job close by (in Salida) in 2006 and also had 3 days off at a time. What a blast to explore such a majestic setting.

    Check out the Great Sandunes if you haven't already. Just the drive alone is worth it.

  3. By chance did you'll know there is a solo casita rally in Pagosa Springs starting on Sept 6th? There will be close to 30 casita's staying at the Blanco River Campground.

  4. Glenda,

    Don't leave out Mesa Verde, which is just east of Cortez, Colorado. Also, check out the Durango/Silverton railroad in Durango. You can take the train up and back or take the train up and bus back. In 2009, Jo and I did a full day at Mesa Verde (a lot to see) and a full day (train up and back). I wanted morning sun going up and afternoon sun on the return trip for photographing.

    At the time, we were staying at Sportsman's Campground, which is about 18 miles NW of Pagosa Springs.

    Also, Treasure Falls and Silver Falls are worth seeing. Treasure may not have much water running this late in the year, but it is still interesting.

    That whole area of Colorado is beautiful country. We love the San Juan Mountains.


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