Thursday, August 4, 2011

Unforgiving heat!

We went from Kansas City to Springfield Saturday to spend a few days visiting with one of my childhood girlfriends – friends since the 7th grade!  Unfortunately the GFR in her garage kept shutting off power to our trailer in her driveway. We woke up sometime during the first night without power – or A/C. I opened a window & turned on the Fantastic Fan & managed to go back to sleep, but it was stuffy. The next morning, that circuit blew again just using my blow dryer in a house bathroom. So the second night, we ran the extension cord into her house to plug into a kitchen outlet. We made sure we had everything turned off but the A/C tho & made it thru the night without blowing a circuit again.

Jenni has 2 dogs: Kara, a German Shepherd a few years older than our Kira, & Missy, a 2-3 yo Australian Shepherd & maybe Basenji mix. Kira & Kara have met several times & were fine with each other, but Missy was upset about all of us (Kira, me & Jeff). However, they all got to run & play some in the fenced backyard in spite of the heat.

Monday, we returned to my parents’ house to get organized for going west. Tuesday morning started at 86º at 8:00 am & jumped to 97º by noon. . .when we gave up our reorganizing efforts. We emptied the pickup bed & the trailer closet, sorted & reorganized summer/winter clothing & stored what we’re not taking in the backyard shed. We had to wait until almost dark for it to cool off enough from today’s 111º to get some things stored overnight back into the pickup.

I am just having a hard time believing this heat. I don’t remember it ever being this high here. The evening news said 1954 & 1980 had higher temperatures. I lived in Wichita KS in ‘54 as a youngster & was stationed in Hawaii in ‘80, so I guess I just missed those hot experiences. Well, I’m more than ready to escape all this. We’ll be heading WEST Thursday morning!

I’ve realized something funny, maybe just weird, about driveway-docking. Or, maybe it’s just me. I’ve never had a lot of company visit my house thru the decades, & can only take so much of staying at someone else’s house. This is one of the reasons we’ve been SOO happy taking the Casita to visit friends & family around the country. We continue to have our bed to sleep in with our things & our privacy. But just like staying in someone’s house while you’re visiting them, it’s sort of difficult or uncomfortable to say “I’m tired of talking & visiting for awhile & need some ‘alone’ time to rest up.”  So we do spend time hanging out in our trailer parked in someone’s driveway, but I’m not sure our hosts understand why we wouldn’t rather hang out all the time in their house with them.  OK, so I guess we’re just weird that way.

We’re ready to go west!

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  1. I know what you are saying about being both guest and host. I'd be willing to bet though that your hosts feel exactly as you do but, like you, they are too well-mannered to say it out loud!

    Looking forward to reading about your westward adventures!



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