Monday, December 26, 2011

A few comments on blog comments

Wow, thanks for all your feedback. It's good to hear I'm not the only un-follower. And I do enjoy hearing from strangers when they tell me about what we have in common. Seems to me that RVers, fulltimers, Casitans, etc all live in the same neighborhood, so we automatically have similar values, goals, interests, & attitudes. We just don't happen to live next door to each other. Hope that makes sense.

Jeff appreciates all the good wishes too. He seems to be over the worst of his grief now but his dad's memorial in WI in Spring is gona be tough on us all.

As difficult physically, well mentally too, as this tree lot has been, it's still been lots of fun. We just about have all the stuff in the tent down & ready to pack up. . .for next year's use. We're excited thinking about doing this again - but way glad it's nearly a whole year away! I'm happy we've found something like this too cause I know there's no way I could manage the hours/days working that Amazon requires. And they wouldn't pay what it'd take for me to even TRY it! Kudos to all who survive it.

Mike, & anyone else who's had problems posting a comment, thanks for your persistence. Seems lots of people have had problems with Blogger at one time or another over the past few months. Unless I hear from someone, I have no idea when it's 'misbehaving'.

And for you Lynne, a little Google Reader help. Download the program for free from Google. Then any blog you come across that you want to follow, click on & copy the website address, then in Google Reader, click on the Subscribe button & paste in the address. There's no problem with Blogger blogs, but I have to play with it some to get Word Press or any separate domain addresses to take [leave off everything after .com or delete the http://www sometimes]. I've also found buttons on some blogs to subscribe & then will lead me specifically to the Google Reader signup. I have Reader as my homepage anymore so it always opens first for me to read. I also have it set to show the oldest blogs first so I can read them in chronological order. But you can also scroll down the list of subscriptions to pick & choose the blogs you want to read first. All in all, it's a great time saver & organizer.

We had a great manager's meeting & lunch with the company ( Christmas Day, but I was getting achy, chilled, & that itchy feeling behind my nose before we left. So when we got home, I crawled in bed, under my little electric throw, with extra clothes on and S L E P T. . .about 15 hours. Wow, that was sooooo nice. A long time ago when I read & followed Mother Earth News religiously, I read that raising your body temperature soon after starting to feel ill would kill the virus that was replicating quickly in your body. This is about the third or fourth time I've caught it fast enough to keep anything more from developing. The initial suggestion was to take as hot a bath as tolerable, soak for at least 20 minutes, or until you started sweating (like when your fever breaks). I prefer to just sweat it out & sleep thru most of it. A sauna would probably work, even heavy exercise that causes sweating. Anyway, I'm hoping that's my brush with getting sick for the year.


  1. I have also had problems w/making comments, but really enjoy the blog. Just checking up the day after Christmas.

  2. I do think saunas help and that theory has some merit. A fever is actually the body's way of trying to get rid of the virus but sometimes it gets out of control so you can't let it go completely untreated. Hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks too for all the info on the Christmas tree lot after our stint with Amazon it sounds a lot more appealing.


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