Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winding down & making plans

Well it really must almost be Christmas. . .cause we’ve only got 3 little Charlie Brown Christmas trees left. It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas tho to us here in San Antonio since the weather is no where near what we’re used to at this time of year. In fact, we’re even rethinking our decision to “winter” in Arizona since it seems to get plenty cold (& snowy) there. Maybe we’ll just go more southwest into Texas for the warmth & low humidity, maybe try a gate guarding job – only  4-6 weeks to start. It’s rained here A LOT in the past month [raining again tonight] with many cloudy days, and the humidity is just driving me crazy. I need to be west of the dry line. Everything even inside the trailer with the heat strip on feels damp! I see a major winter storm moved toward Kansas City. . .and we’re beyond-words glad to not be anywhere near it. Here’s hoping it doesn’t repeat in January as we’re headed that way from here. Jeff’s got two doctor appointments spread out in January that’ll have us hanging around all month. Burrrrrr!

Unfortunately, Jeff’s father passed away Sunday evening, so the business of finishing up with the Christmas tree tent has been good for him right now. I’m afraid it’ll hit him hard though once we move on up the road. He has an uncle in New Braunfels who I haven’t met yet that we’re going to visit with before leaving the area. And since Jeff’s parents both grew up in small towns north of Green Bay, WI, (go Packers) his dad will be buried up there sometime in the Spring (after the ground thaws). Sure glad we had a good visit with his parents this past July.

I finally got away from the tent this morning and made the rounds of Target, Wal-Mart, the Dollar Store, & Home Depot to get a few things I’d been wanting. Mainly, we bought a pair of Motorola 2-Way Radios that would have been extremely handy back when we had trees flying out the door. I can still think of several good uses for them even after leaving here though, like standing in a better spot while guiding Jeff back to hook up the trailer.

I also want new cushions — in a different configuration than what is currently possible. [Anyone interested in buying our like-new ‘08 set?] I want one solid cushion along the back (as in a twin bed or day bed, about 40” wide) & another single cushion along the driver-side seat — like an “L” arrangement. The two back cushions would then lay down over the isle to make up the full-size bed we use.  Instead of actually making or buying cushion covers though, we may just staple material over foam & batting onto a solid board for the bottom. We NEVER turn the cushions over anyway, so why cover them? Jeff did suggest gluing some of that non-skid shelf stuff on the bottoms of the seat boards too to keep them from sliding. Having a solid board behind back cushions would also allow them to be propped up at a comfortable angle for sitting instead of sitting straight.

That means we can have a larger table too than the little 18” x 30” we currently use, but not as bunglesome as the big 42” x 30” either. And if the back cushion has it’s own back support (lying across the isle), the “table” can just slid in underneath the back bed portion when not needed.

This redesign all came about because we’re using three little plastic tables along the passenger-side wall for stuff. Jeez, I’m really trying to get away from having stuff. But the current stuff stored under the bed has to be put somewhere else if we’re ever going to have floor space for a table (or just open floor). The cats, & even Kira, really like laying on the current shelves looking out the window or hiding underneath taking a nap. I’d like to have one long shelf though on simple legs to store things under, with just a cloth curtain in front. Lightweight & versatile. That’s why we’d only have an “L” shaped living room.

I also read about someone inserting Reflectix between the outside walls of the fresh water tank (under the back of the bed) to help keep it from freezing. So I’m wondering now why it couldn’t also be put on the walls (it’s flexible) around the bed (covered with material) since the fiberglass/carpet doesn’t have much R-value. We could be in for some very frigid weather next month, and although we can manage without water, & possibly without electricity, anything we can do to keep the warmth inside can’t be bad. However, Kira has been outside the trailer all day while we’ve been running the tree tent, & she’s grown an outstanding winter coat this year, so too much inside warmth gets her panting. And the condensation, even with windows & a vent open, has been a real problem in San Antonio. I thought we had that mastered in Colorado, but apparently NOT. So I’m back to complaining about humidity & condensation.

No photos since I haven’t seen anything besides this tent for a month! Although this sort of feels like home now, we’re both getting anxious to get on the road again. It’ll be six months of living small next week — and we still have no regrets!!!


  1. I like the idea of putting the Reflectic around the fresh water tank, had not heard that one before; will be interested to see how you work it out applied to the walls around the bed. Know lots of folks use it on the windows and have made special shades, covered with fabric. Enjoy reading about your ideas and experiences.

  2. Thank you for the post. I enjoy reading of your adventures. Our thoughts go with you and Jeff with the passing of his father.

    We use the silver insulation on our windows. Surrounding the whole area with it would work well. We have quilted curtains backed with fleeze; it sticks to the carpet and makes an airlock.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

  3. Haven't had any snow yet here in Dardenne prairie Mo. But you know it is winter, for a couple of days it was in the 50's but the cold weather is here now. Our trailer is still in the shop so we have no way to escape, and I can see me on John Deere plowing again this year. Be safe out there and have fun. Sam & Donna..

  4. Glad to hear from you and glad your selling trees gig is almost over. your hours were wearing on me!

    We have not tried to insulate anything and I hope we don't need to.
    It does look like the temps in south Texas are warmer than the nights in the desert. We may get cold and beat a hasty retreat!

  5. I just bought a roll of Reflecix at Lowe's to make some shades for the side windows. I read some hints about lining the inside backs of cabinets with it also. (You know how sometimes when you open a cabinet door and cold air rushes out)


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