Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lights in the Night

I know many people have trouble sleeping during the daytime due to any kind of light or lights. Some people can’t sleep unless a room is TOTALLY dark. Thankfully Jeff & I are blessed with the ability to crash & snooze just about anywhere, anytime we want (that sort of makes us sound like a couple of cats). Anyway, this ability to sleep with a light or television on, or other somewhat quiet activity occurring is part of how we both manage to live together in such a small space comfortably.

So, one very early dark thirty morning, I started noticing the number of electric lights illuminating our Liberty Casita’s single room (not to be confused with the room behind a door at the front of the trailer). There are a DOZEN or so lights on at any time when we’re plugged in!

  1. Hopefully never un-lit – the two little refrigerator lights for auto and AC, DC, or gas. These lights work without electrical hookup.
  2. We have three power strips plugged in – but the “on” light only works on two of them.
  3. The television and DirecTV DVR each have a light (two more) to indicate they’re plugged in and ready to be turned on.
  4. We have a small pair of electric speakers for the TV that displays one little green light when they’re turned on.
  5. Our Verizon MiFi is plugged into & hanging on the wall between the galley & street-side window. When it’s connected to the internet, two little green lights show, otherwise, only one.
  6. My cell fon lives either in a pocket or recharging on the wire shelf above my head in front of the Casita’s big back window. It functions as my alarm clock (when needed) or simply to tell what time it is at night — but ONLY when I turn on the display. Otherwise, there’s a very small light showing that it’s plugged in.
  7. And then there’s Jeff’s cell fon charging over on the wall by the MiFi.
  8. We have a pair of Motorola 2-way radios which are extremely useful in coordinating hooking up the trailer and in setting up our manual TV satellite. We leave them plugged into their charger so they display two little red lights.
  9. I usually keep my laptop in hibernation when not using it, so there’s one small green light showing that it’s plugged in.
  10. The charger for our e-cigarettes has two lights – one to show being plugged in & the other displaying different colors depending on the status of the charging process.
  11. When I recharge my Sony camera’s battery, one more little light is displayed indicating the status of that charging process.

Without electrical service, it is of course considerably darker at night inside the trailer . Although it’s unlikely that I’ll get lost, turned around, or fall down in the dark inside the Casita, I do like all these little reassuring twinkles when I wake up or get up in the dark.

We all need a little illumination from time to time to light our way. So, what lights your night?

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