Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter Camping Lessons

We’ve been managing very well our first winter full timing, stuck in Missouri with night-time temps as low as 11°. We’ve had a couple of dustings of snow, & a couple of nights of thunderstorms. Here’s some things we’ve learned so far:

With electric hookup when. . .

— the water heater doesn’t [heat]: heat water in a plastic cup in the microwave to wash dishes, bodies, & hair. There are two reset buttons for our w/h which finally got it working again.

fresh water freezes: use drinking water bought by the gallon at Wal-Mart for coffee & cooking; use body wipes instead of a wash cloth (or nuke a wet washcloth to get it warm); flush the toilet with water from a gallon jug with non-potable water.

it’s freezing outside: run the heat strip on the A/C, but since that warn air comes from the ceiling so the floor doesn’t get the heat. So it’s much better (warmer) to run a small electric heater sitting on the floor, aimed under the bed to keep the water lines & tanks warm. Under bed storage must be cleared to allow warm air to circulate.

— retain inside heat: by placing Reflectix and/or cushions around the walls under the windows. Add a layer of sheets or blankets. Use bubble wrap over the windows behind clear shower curtain pinned beyond the window frame onto the carpeted walls. Use a small electric blanket to add/retain heat while sleeping. Add a sweater or heavy shirt while sitting around to stay comfortable. Add another cat or dog to the bed & everyone just snuggle together more!

It has been surprisingly easy to stay warm & comfortable in the Casita this winter. Admittedly, this has been a very warm winter without the usual extended periods of below-freezing temps for continuous days & nights. But I do believe that we could manage those extremes by insulating & heat tape on the drain valves & water hose, some kind of skirting around the bottom of the trailer with a light left on under the trailer, a heating pad that stick on the gray tank, & it necessary some sort of insulating cover over the Casita. I’m sure it’s all doable!

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