Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Living Simple

Spring has definitely sprung — complete with ticks & tornados! I know some (many?) people are seriously grossed out by dog ticks, but they’re pretty much a fact of life living outside and/or having pets (dogs in particular). Kira has had a few already; I’ve had two; & even my computer screen had one crawling across it! Much easier to deal with tho than fleas, mosquitos, or chiggers (hate, HATE, H A T E chiggers).

I’ve always been a weather watcher. I like knowing what’s happening outside, & I’ve always been uncomfortable working in window-less spaces. There’s something so awesome (& exciting) about watching storm clouds — the power, the mystery, the changing light, the wind, even the smell. I vaguely remember something from high school science class about how ozone is released by approaching storms which causes animals in the fields to run & frolic from abundant energy. I feel energized also before a storm (as I try NOT to think about the horrible possibilities for damage). No storm damage for us so far this Spring. We enjoyed the stormy weekend being lazy.

I’m amazed each year by the plethora of shades of green as the trees & shrubs sprout their new leaves. The mountains around Branson are spotted with the all-year dark pine/cedar foliage contrasted with the bright new green of deciduous growth. Sort of like green measles across the hills (LOL).

Took a side trip off Highway 65 north of Branson last week to visit the Busiek State Park area. Gorgeous little creek (river? really?) running thru it reminded me of the Colorado streams we saw last summer around Pagosa Springs — crystal clear, moving fast, cool & refreshing. The area has lots of trails for people & horses. Wish we’d had the time & energy to take a hike & investigate more.






Click on this image to see the rest of the photos of the area.





Even in a very touristy area, life can be very simple.


  1. Nice post!! We enjoy watching the different colors of spring as nature awakens from winter! Yes, we've experience those icky little ticks here as well. I think I've had more than the doggies. I told our Vet they need Frontline for people,LOL!


  2. That new bright green of spring is one of my favorite things.

  3. Hello! thanks for your comments on our mods and encouraging words too. We are heading to Arkansas for War Eagle in October then to Branson and area around the first week of Nov. We are going to spend Tgiving in KC with family (Cathy is from KCMO) So.....we will stay in touch and hope to meet.


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