Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photos of Eureka Springs, AR

Last week we drove our new truck down the road from Branson to Eureka Springs, AR to check out the truck & investigate the town. The truck handled the hills & curves beautifully & still got very decent mpg. It’s a very artistic town that is still waking up from the winter. I could have nightmares tho imagining how to get around in in those streets after an ice storm or even a minor snow storm. I could barely WALK down some of those streets due to the steepness!

The only free parking we found in town was at the bottom of the (BIG) hill, so we did a lot of walking. It has been several years since we’ve driven thru town, & quickly noticed these colorful elevated rental cabins near the train station.

Lots of well cared for homes in town.

And some unusual art pieces like this restaurant entrance and carved park bench.

Many beautiful flowers in bloom. (More photos posted in my Picasa album if you click on any of these photos.)

Several buildings had murals or paintings on their outside walls.

Many businesses & homes had little gardens tucked in along side or behind their buildings. This shady garden with three fountains trickling downhill is beside a shop located in an old house which was actually built over & around a spring running into a small cave. Talk about a water feature!

After walking UP one side & then DOWN the other side of Main Street, we walked UP Spring St for a couple of blocks. Lots of shops & studios there too. By then we were walked out — & it was getting really warm even in the shade. TIME TO DRIVE AROUND in the air conditioning.

This is a giant statue on a hilltop where The Passion Play is presented all summer.

There was a deliciously cool spring running in this covered structure. Apparently there are many springs around the town.

There’s a lot more to see in Eureka Springs, so another trip is planned this summer.

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  1. Eureka Springs is really beautiful, but yeah those roads are killer!


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