Sunday, October 7, 2012

Plans for Moving On. . .

We arrived at Compton Ridge Campground in Branson, MO on Saturday, March 10th. . .& have only moved the Casita once since then. That was in August for our week’s vacation when we went to Sioux Falls, SD to get my new driver’s license & La Crosse, WI for brats & cheese. We’re planning on leaving Branson November 1st. . .probably for Virginia to visit Jeff’s mom — at a slow, leisurely pace that will take several days instead of two days & a night like usual.

Since it’s suddenly feeling like Fall (almost Winter) in SW Missouri, we’ve been doing some long-overdue chores around the trailer. I’ve totally cleaned & rearranged the bathroom. I’ve lowered the cargo-net shelves in the closet to make larger storage areas so we can actually keep more than one season’s worth of clothes inside. I even managed to find room to put our shoes on the floor too. Jeff still has some big boots that probably won’t store in there, but that’s one less crate of stuff under the bed. We’re still cleaning out & reorganizing the storage unit we have in town & I have a half dozen items (like life vests, dish drainer, & other unused items) that I want to sell or give away. I’ve removed everything in the trailer from the galley/frig to the back wall & cleaned & reorganized. We like sleeping back to front on the patio side with three little plastic shelves along the driver’s side for my printer & cat sleeping on top with storage underneath for my sewing machine, more food items, clean sheet sets, & numerous plastic boxes of stuff. We’re installing new Bali vertical double-cellular shades on the windows that we got from Lowe’s during a 20% off manufacturer’s sale. Even with the additional 10% veteran’s discount, these shades are ridiculously expensive. BUT. . .this IS our home & it’s an early Christmas present to ourselves. We just haven’t gotten them all put up yet, but I’ll post photos when we get them finished. After four years, we need a little redecorating. I like that they open from side to side, & will stay anywhere in the middle so we can close off most of the window at night for privacy but still have it open next to an open window (hidden behind the outside louvers).

We haven’t done much sight-seeing the past month since we’ve done most the things on our bucket list for the area, & between the heat/humidity & working in the café, it’s just been nice to kick back & relax during our time off lately. I’m glad the new Fall Network TV shows have started too. We do hope to make a trip SE of Branson across Bull Shoals Lake on the free ferry to view Fall foliage soon. Oh – & I’m still wanting to go horseback riding. . .preferably when I have several days afterward to recuperate.

We had some Casita friends, Lynn & David of Casita in the Desert, Casita in the Mountains, drop by last month. Had a great visit & enjoyed showing them the area. Also, our friends with whom we stay when in Kansas City are coming for a short visit to Branson this week. My parents are adapting to apartment life well, although we were all a sad last week as it was my late brother’s birthday. Jeff has not gotten along very well with his new upper dentures but at least can eat most foods that he wants now without them. Still. . .I prefer him with more teeth! I’m still using my e-cigarettes – totally hooked on the coffee flavor vapor. (I know – I’m such an addictive personality.)

We hope to meander from Missouri toward a January & February Quartzsite AZ visit (including Casita gathering) starting in late November, by way of the Texas Hill Country. Any good suggestions for ‘have to’ areas to view/stay in the area? We’ll probably check out some NM areas on the way West, might zig down to the Big Bend area, & hopefully while in AZ, run over to San Diego to visit Jeff’s sister. Also want to swing by my cousin’s place in Phoenix. We don’t plan on working this winter (we’re both in dire need of some serious downtime), but might consider working somewhere in WA, OR, or ID during a short season (like no more than 3 months) next summer. I’ve realized that this summer has been a long exercise in patience, tolerance, & courtesy. Between café patrons holding up the line making up their minds what to order, multiple tickets on an order after I’ve rang it up, children dropping or not eating their food, & people showing up five minutes before closing time, I’m convinced a lot of people shouldn’t be allowed out without supervision.

Any plans we make tho are based on my parents continuing to be relatively healthy & happy in my home town. Since my Dad turns 90 this week, everything can change in a heartbeat.

Oh, anyone into t-shirt braiding? I’ve been reading about it & plan to practice on an old t-shirt (I have quite a few). I’m still looking for a t-shirt that sez something like “I’m retired. This IS dressed up!” Winking smile

Remember that if I’m not posting anything to this blog, it means nothing much is happening — just a no news is good news sort of thing.


  1. Loved the flower photos! I have been missing your pictures but do understand that one must be in the mood (and have some inspiration).
    We really, really enjoyed our time with you two in Branson. Thank you for being such great tourist guides!
    And thanks for the blog plug. I am really having fun with it....reading Casita Escapes is what got me started!

  2. I can almost feel your downtime! Seems you really really are ready for it...what better time then in the warmth of the beautiful state of AZ! Good for you!

  3. When you are in the Texas hill country: Enchanted Rock. Willow loop road. Luckenbach. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Longhorn Caverns. Texas State Capitol.
    Farther west: Palo Duro Canyon. Big Bend. Terlingua. Big Texan steak house in Amarillo.

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