Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow in Zion

We’ve had the best weather here in Zion Canyon — sunny, a little windy, comfortable weather (with a jacket on). . .until Friday when it started to rain. And it rained, & rained, & rained some more until last night finally. We sure were missing the sunshine & seemed to have no energy for doing anything. We just hunkered down inside the trailer & watched Hallmark Channels feel good holiday movies or reruns of NCIS. We’ve been fixing our own meals too & eating better since we’re not out on the roads. My clothes tell me I’ve even lost some of the fried foods weight I gained working at the campground café this summer (yeah).

About 10pm last night tho, the TV signal became seriously pixilated so we knew something was changing outside. Oh well, time to go to sleep. Although I don’t want to LIVE in an area that gets frequent winter storms, occasional snow still excites me like a kid on Christmas morning. Consequently, I woke up at 2am wondering if we were getting snow. YES. . .about a ½” had already fallen & the temp was in the 20s. Oh — and there were lots of stars twinkling too. It was just beautiful out, albeit very cold.

By the time I took Kira for her morning walk, the sun was out & shinning on the snow-covered mountain peaks around our canyon campground.

Hope you enjoy these.





Since yesterday wasn’t worth even going outside, I finally did some research into using a wi-fi signal to make phone calls when cell service isn’t available. Looks like the (free) Google Voice should work, so I’ll have to test out a call to my parents from the library or McDonalds or some place soon. I’ll need to use this option for calling home next summer when we’re working in Poudre River Canyon, CO without cell signal.

We’ve also eased into dumping our gray/black tanks & getting fresh water for for when we are totally boondocking. We’ve had a gray boy for ages but never used it until now. And since the gray boy was nearly full today & Jeff didn’t want to lift it into the back of the pickup, he pulled it behind the truck for the first time today. Other than the slow drive to the dump station, it was seriously easy! We also have a little 12v water pump to start using for refilling the water tank instead of lifting & holding a 6 gallon water jug over the water intake hole at the back of the trailer. We decided to order the 45 gal water bladder Camping World has, to place it on the pickup cab roof. We’re planning on getting a couple of 12v batteries also put on the cargo shelf on the back of the Casita to charge with the solar charger we have, & also get an inverter installed so we should be able to actually watch a little TV while boondocking. We’ll see how these plans come together.

Since we have electricity (only), we’ve just been using our little cube heater to stay warm — but at 20° or so, it just doesn’t have enough umph. So we’ve turned on the propane & set the furnace to come on when the temp drops like it’s supposed tonight. That heater on the floor seems to do an excellent job tho of keeping our inside water lines from developing ice cubes.

Now if the ground will just DRY OUT, maybe we’ll stop getting grit all over the floor & bed (thanks Kira). Living small is still working GREAT!


  1. The snow on the canyon walls are absolutely beautiful... I'm interested in more ideas about simplistic RV living as this is my intention also. I waiting to head out this Spring after my house sells in a vintage trailer. I'm anxious to here more about your solar as you progress.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We got a 90w folding solar panel from the Casita Club group buy last month & really like it. IF I'm going to watch TV while boondocking tho, we'll probably get another panel of some sort — possibly mounted permanently on top of the trailer instead of being portable like this panel. Since we have the room on the cargo rack, we thought we'd get two 12v batteries to make sure we have enough power for the TV, DVR, & laptops. I've questioned whether or not the savings in campgrounds will ever be more than the cost of the boondocking stuff — but we want to be self-sufficient as much as possible (while still having cell fon, internet, & TV service. Go figure!

  2. Same setup we are so trying to figure out this winter before we take off next year and I want all the same stuff. You've been so helpful. I thought pipes would freeze? Love the snowy mountaintops...have a Merry Christmas. Gheez you don't know how much I wish it was us this year. Carla

  3. Thought of you and Jeff last night as we watched the evening news during dinner. The weather map showed the snow going right over southern Utah...was worried until I remembered you having an electric hookup. Hope you're staying warm.

    I don't remember seeing so much of what you have photographed, another place to "do over."

  4. Beautiful pictures, Glenda. I need to see the Southwest in winter time. Looks like you are not missing any of the fabulous places along the way.


  5. Glenda, Last night I was thinking of you guys and your camping a year ago in the cold, cold weather - wasn't it around Kansas City? Jeff had a doctor appt? Well anyway, my son is visiting for Christmas and I let him use my bed and I sleep out in the trailer. I put Reflectix up over the windows - thanks to your blog posting - and covered them with matching pieces from an old mattress pad. Last night, it got down to 14º above and I was hesitant at how warm would I really be.

    Was I surprised at how warm it stayed in Little Eggie and I was warm with my -20º 49 yr old Eddie Bauer sleeping bag. By morning my little heater had it up to 70º inside and it was snowing outside.

    Tonight it is suppose to get down to minus 2. I have a feeling I'll be snug as a bug - it's just when I have to leave to come into the house in the morning!

    So thank you for posting what you did to stay warm - I remembered.

  6. Spectacular pictures; really enjoying reading your blog.


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