Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Texas Traveling

Second post today, still catching up with our travels. Wednesday, we made our way from Waco to the Casita Factory near Rice TX to pick up some more rivets & get the new-style range vent. The “ears” broke off ours years ago so it flaps all night when it’s windy.

We got to look at the new prototype Independence Casita version. Some really great things & some not-so-good things. They’ve put in a 3-burner stove — visually takes up too much space & I barely need one burner, definitely not three. Put in a 2nd drawer, but we have a 2nd shelf in that area so not sure how much help the drawer would be to us. The wall behind the sink is molded around the faucet with a “spice rack” area behind a door on the wall. Really nice! Since this version is meant to have twin beds, the seats are wider but the isle is really narrow. We’re not ready for twin beds yet anyway. The end of the isle has a built-in seat also that makes a wrap-around seating area. The closet has been brought out a tad, making the entry way just a bit narrower. The bathroom has molded areas in the shower wall but they’d need tension rods or something to hold anything in place while traveling. The sink has been narrowed & elongated with a counter area beside it & enclosed down to the floor. Love the solid piece with enclosed storage under it & counter space for items when using the sink. Lots of good ideas. . .but we won’t be trading eggs anytime soon.

Next we stopped by Larry Gamble’s Little House Customs, east of Dallas, to have him look at our very bent double step [damaged trying to drive the dirt & bolder trail thru Monument Valley] that we just got last Fall. He also didn’t think it could be safely straightened out. . .so we had him put on another new one.

We continued to see bluebonnets along the highways, sometimes huge fields of them. Wow, I sure understand their popularity.

We stopped at another COE campground for the night west of Texarkana, Wright Patterson Lake at the western Malden Lake Park off Highway 8. Wow, there were only two empty sites left as the fish are biting & it was packed. It was very heavily forested but site #17 allowed us to get TV satellite reception up over the trees. Gorgeous area & would have been nice to stay longer. However, we had places to be & people to see.

No photos of today, but we missed all the bad weather.

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