Sunday, February 5, 2017

I Met Someone. . .

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted cause I’ve had a busy couple of months . . . spending time with John, the decal guy I met back in December. It’s been a couple of months now & we’ve been working on getting to know each other & becoming really good friends. It may last a week or years – don’t know or worry about it as long as we’re enjoying each other’s company today. Plus Kira is happy having John’s dog as a play mate. I recently changed my Facebook status to “in a relationship” tho & was amazed over all the well wishes from friends. Guess I’ve been a big worry or concern for some people. I look back on my nearly 16 months now since Jeff’s death & realize I’ve changed (grown) quite a bit, almost becoming a different person than ever before. I’ve learned finally to trust my own decisions & have accepted that I don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy or safe. Since I’ve spent most of my adult life having a male companion near, this was nearly as big a learning curve for me as figuring out how to manage living in & traveling with my trailer alone. In spite of all the tears & uncertainty, I guess it was a self-imposed loneliness I needed to go thru. I’ve learned to never expect either the good or the bad to last forever & to expect the unexpected.

Quartzsite was warmer this winter than last winter, but has had more days of rain & cloudy skies. Rain in the desert is always a special time tho. The clouds over the distant mountains is mesmerizing, as well as water droplets on the saguaro.



So John & I have spent a lot of days investigating the Quartzsite area. He’s been teaching me how to safely drive my 4x4 Tundra pickup over some pretty rough ATV trails. I finally decided tho that I could trust his driving the truck so I could get back into taking photos as a passenger. One day we followed an ATV trail south of Q Mountain (south side of Quartzsite), all along the west side of Tyson Wash (the river running north thru town) & discovered an old rock house.


Another day we drove east on King Valley road at the south end of KOFA just to see what was over there. This is the back side of the mountain just south of Palm Canyon. The clouds made awesome shadows on the rugged mountain.


We also drove east on Plumose Road (north of town) to look at Bouse AZ & stopped at the Fisherman Intaglio on the way back. There’s another ancient ground graffiti north of Blythe CA similar to this. It’s hard to make out the drawing while standing next to it, so taking a photo was even more difficult.


After traveling over a rough ATV trail behind Dome Rock, we discovered the unique Gold Eye Mine. The owner is buried there, surrounded by several burnt-out rock buildings, but this display of decorated toilets had my attention.


We visited the vendors in town several times, ate out numerous times (especially Friday night fish at various restaurants), & walked thru the big RV Tent Show & the QIA Pow Wow (lots of rocks). I attended the BloggerFest 2017 this year & met lots of new people but only a few bloggers I met last year were present.

Of course, the sunrises & sunsets in this location at this time of year have been eye-popping. Apparently all the California drought & dust in the air make the sky come alive.

010817Sunrise      DSC04088DSC04099      DSC04151DSC04204      DSC04222DSC04246      DSC04249

I’ve been parked next to John’s big Class A for a month in La Posa South LTVA but John&Iwe moved together recently to Dome Rock as the Fiberglass Rally is about to start. This will be my 5th year at this rally & I’m looking forward to visiting with previous friends & making new ones. Last year had around 185 molded fiberglass units snuggled together near Dome Rock. John seems to consider us egg people sort of a cult (can’t imagine why). He’s a big guy tho & needs most of that room in his Class A but admits he’s a little envious of all the narrow, remote places I can get my trailer into. I took this photo of us the other day so at least you know I’m not imagining him.


  1. Good to see you post again. It was great to see you at Bloggerfest, and to meet John. It was good for me to compare notes with you on our common ground. Let me know what the link is to John's blog when he gets it going again.

  2. Very nice - ahhh, the both of you. Enjoy each others company.

  3. Congratulations!!! You two look great together!!
    Glad you've enjoyed your time at Q and had some fun adventures exploring "around the next bend."

  4. Great pictures! So glad you are happy, and have someone to go on adventures with. Hope to see you down the road sometime.

  5. Happy for you Glenda and I hope everything works out for you and John. All the best to you both.

  6. So good to see you and John at Bloggerfest. I'm sorry we had to leave early, so didn't havea chance to chat, hopefully next time. Enjoy! :)

  7. How wonderful to meet you and John at Bloggerfest, Glenda. Your experiences intriqued me and I'm thrilled to be following along. I'm also pleased that you both are blogging again and your sunset pictures are awesome! We are up in the mountains above Banning, Ca and therefore I don't see the sun rise or set. I miss that a lot. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for commenting. It was great meeting you & other new people. Enjoy these AZ sunrises/sunsets.

  8. Glenda nice to see you again this year, and glad that things are working out with you and John, enjoy more desert fun.


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