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Hi, I'm Glenda, and along with my partner Jeff and our 30# Keeshond (dog), Kira, a Maine Coon tomcat (Boots), & a small, half-Manx female (TK for Traveling Kitty), we started full time living in our 2008 Casita travel trailer (17' Liberty Deluxe). We left our house near Kansas City, MO on June 1st to work kamp in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

We're nature-loving, outdoor people. Jeff's an old truck driver who continues to have itchy feet. He wants to show me all those great places he used to drive by & be able to investigate them himself. As a photographer, my interest is capturing extraordinary beauty in ordinary life so traveling and camping in different locations allows me many more photo ops than I'd have living in one place. Then there's the fishing which Jeff loves. It's strange to me, but apparently the joy of fishing isn't dependent on actually catching anything. Just like photography for me though, fishing uplifts Jeff's spirits.

We started our search for a camper, travel trailer, or RV in 2007.  We looked at, read about, talked about, and considered various units for over a year.  What a confusing time. Then in April 2008, I discovered molded fiberglass travel trailers — specifically Casita Travel Trailers.  It was love at first sight!!  I knew I wanted a hard sided unit to keep bears out and our dog in. I didn't want to worry about leaks or wet wood but definitely wanted an air conditioner, heater, and a bathroom. Casita travel trailers are ideal for two people — everything we want or need but not a lot of space to pull around (light weight).  We plan to follow the sun and live outside as much as possible!

We love being able to sleep in our own bed, use our own bathroom, and have room to carry whatever we actually need with us but not have excess room to accumulate a bunch of stuff like we did in a S&B (sticks & bricks home). We've never regretted getting a Casita and know that it will hold up well for many miles and many years.  In addition, we've enjoyed the challenge of personalizing our trailer to make it more comfortable, convenient, and efficient. We named our trailer Coneggstoga (our prairie schooner) because from Kansas City, we can't go in any direction without traveling across a prairie. We made major trips to Texas/Florida, Virginia, Arizona, and Wyoming/North & South Dakota.  We've also made shorter trips in Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, and Kansas.  We boondock as often as possible and specifically like going to the free Kansas State Fishing Lakes that are within a few hours' drive from our previous home.

Life is full of changes and constantly presents unexpected opportunities and alternatives, so we just try to enjoy each day as it develops.


  1. There's a big difference between campers and RVers. Sounds like you know you're campers. Debbie and I are, too. We do like the convenience of the RV, though! We've bounced around from full-time to part-time and back to full-time. Got sidetracked by a resort job that came with lodging for a yer. No regrets. Love the life! The other blog is www.theforkintheroad.wordpress.com

  2. Trying to look thru all your posts but wonder if you've seen the church with the Fresco paintings in West Jefferson. There's also one at the church near the Northwest Trading Post. We have a 2005 17SD Casita and come to the Blue Ridge quite often. Hpe to see you someday.

  3. LOVE your blog and I am so glad to have found it. We are about to pick up our first RV and it is a CASITA! YAY! We are newbies but are so thrilled to begin more adventures with our casita. your words about life being full of changes and unexpected opportunities speaks so loudly to me. I can certainly relate! Thanks for sharing all your info, I will for sure be going through all your blog archives.

  4. I noticed you folks visited my blog, and wanted to say HI ! ... my blog's not as well done as yours (I'm lazy), and, yours sure looks nice ... not to be critical, but did you notice that someone defaced your Casita ? I'm concerned about what appears to be a 'Green Bay Packer' sticker on it ... darned vandals ! ... have FUN with your travels, and BE SAFE !
    - jimmy & sybil,the dawg

  5. Hi -

    You should put all those mods on a page on your site. Looking via Google+ is a real hassle. Your SO is very crafty and each and every mod is excellent and well executed.

  6. So happy to have found your blog! Lots of useful information for those of us considering life in a casita.

  7. ditto. we are newbies and found you site awesome and inspiring and the mods most helpful.

  8. ditto. we are newbies and found you site awesome and inspiring and the mods most helpful.

  9. Great site! I"m really enjoying your travels and comments. We just ordered our Casita for pick up next Spring. My wife is not a "camper", but is willing to give it a go, now that we'll have a BATHROOM. Trips outside in bear country are not her cup of tea. I've hunted and tent camped for years alone, but now I'd rather have my wife's company to enjoy. Retirement is just a couple years away. So, keep up the travels, blogging and wonderful pictures. I don't see any of your travels in Montana where we have lots of National Forest campgrounds. Wayne and Jean in Montana

  10. Hi Glenda:

    I'm sorry for your loss but so happy for you that you are carrying on with your dreams.

    Your blog is one of the most interesting and insightful that I have ever read. Kudos to you.

    Best wishes and safe travels.



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