Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting to Santa Fe NM

We headed east on Highway 60 for Santa Fe NM, and was very intrigued by this view of a bunch of satellite dishes along the road.

Turns out this is the VLA (Very Large Array) Radio Astronomy Observatory of 27 satellite dishes [each 82' across] which listens to the stars for radio waves from quasars and galaxies far, far away.  The movie Contact was partially filmed there.

While approaching Albuquerque NM from the south on I-25, I was happily surprised to see this green strip of vegetation on the east. Turns out the Rio Grande River runs the length of New Mexico, from Colorado, near Santa Fe, through Albuquerque and becomes the US border at El Paso TX.

I wish I knew what these flowers are, but they were along the driveway of the Rancheros De Santa Fe campground when we checked in.

I noticed this succulent “leaf” with the sides curling up. . .due to lack of water possibly?

After a long travel day, it sure was nice to settle down with wireless access and cable TV in the comfort of my air-conditioned trailer.

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