Saturday, June 19, 2010

Olde Town Santa Fe NM

We spent about four hours walking around (and around again actually) playing tourist in Olde Town Santa Fe.  The architecture is so fantastic, historical, and practical.

One of a plethora of art galleries.

And covered sidewalks.

And very old adobe walls showing straw sticking out of the dried mud

These large wind ornaments were fun to watch. . .as one wheel went around one direction and the other wheel went the other direction.

The ceiling of the St. Francis Cathedral.

And a gorgeous stand of Asian lilies out front.

I think this is an agave plant [used to make the sugar substitute as well as tequila] getting ready to bloom.

Some local art work outside the galleries.

The Art Fair had numerous musicians playing, but this guy playing a didgeridoo was fascinating. Notice the shells wrapped around his legs and the sticks in his hand for additional sounds and rhythms.

We also met a lady who created and copyrighted an emblem using all the letters in “All You Need Is Love”.  Then she had people telling her that ALL the letters and numbers of the alphabet, plus a few historical symbols, were also in this emblem. Essentially this emblem becomes whatever you need it to say on any given day. Her website is

In spite of the dry, hot conditions in Santa Fe, there were pockets of lush color and plants.

Amazingly, a “storm” blew up Saturday evening, creating a gorgeous desert sunset.

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