Sunday, November 7, 2010

Autumns of the Past

This has been a fantastic weekend, a little windy, but sunny and clear. But me. . .I’m depressed! I want to be looking at some beautiful fall foliage [unlike what I saw this year around my house]. So, I’m posting some of my favorite fall photos from years past. Click on any one of them to go to the whole Picasa album.

I don’t want to be home. I want to look forward to sitting outside our Casita around a warm campfire this evening, then snuggling up to sleep in our egg. I’m so sick of the never-ending responsibilities that come with home ownership: mowing the grass, shoveling snow, cleaning gutters, painting, cleaning/heating/cooling parts of the house we don’t need or use, and worst of all, looking at all the unnecessary stuff we’ve accumulated. I feel overwhelmed! I have corners of closets I haven’t seen in 15 years!
I can’t help but wonder if both Jeff and I will ever be able to go full time traveling around in the Casita. So many unforeseen things can happen while we’re just waiting for our life to start.
Each morning, I enjoy reading the RVing blogs I follow. I read about the places these people visit and their activities, and then they can still kick back and relax in their “home” just like anyone else. The difference is their time away “from home”. That’s what’s bugging me. “Home” isn’t bad, it’s just always the same. I desire, crave, desperately need more variety than this! I love having wheels under my bed!!
We haven’t winterized our trailer yet because we expect to take her out for one or two more short outings before the snow and ice actually starts falling.  Not that I really mind cold and snow [I just put on more clothes], but there’s just nothing sadder than our Casita covered with snow sitting in our driveway!!
And besides, there’s not much of anything interesting to photograph. I’d even settle for a foggy morning, melting icicle, or snow on evergreens.


  1. Glenda, Thanks so much for following Levonne's Pretty Pics! I love your photographs! You are very good! I hear your dissatisfaction with life in one place. I am an adventurer at heart and felt trapped by long stints of work and house. Life needs to be about more than that. Your time will come...Keep your dream alive.

  2. Your photographs are spectacular!


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