Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Veteran’s Day 2010

Jeff and I are both veterans — him Air Force and me Navy. Thank you to all the blogs acknowledging veterans’ contributions. I think it’s especially welcomed for the Viet Nam vets who weren’t well received when they came home. When we worked full time, we never got to enjoy and observe this day.

Last year on Veteran’s Day, we drove around the Cemetery at the VA Hospital in Leavenworth KS. There were still some beautiful Fall leaves, enhanced by the bright morning sunshine. I put the photos I took into a slide show, set to the song Men of Honor from the movie Gettysburg. I have tried and tried to post the slideshow movie to Picasa, but didn’t get it figured out before time to GO CAMPING. However, I finally got it uploaded to YouTube here.

So this year, we decided to combine a trip to Applebee’s in Leavenworth (for a great free veteran’s meal) with going camping at Atchison County Kansas State Fishing Lake. Total boondocking, right at the water’s edge! And YES, we knew it was going to be wet and cold. This was an experiment to see how we’d handle having two people and a dog inside of the camper for however many days of not-so-desirable weather with only the occasional trips outside (to walk Kira or turn the generator on or off).
It took a little bit to get the Casita cozy after arriving at the empty campground around 4pm. It sprinkled on & off all evening, but in between, Jeff actually managed to get in some fishing. He’s always grumpy when he can’t fish when he’s next to water.
For about 5 minutes, the setting sun colored the sky and water with sky-blue pink. But the wind was switching from east, to northeast, and by bedtime, straight out of the north — and right up our tailpipe! It brought rain all night long and all day Friday. I love listening to the rain from inside the Casita. We sure did sleep good!
Jeff even had to cook inside (yes, he’s the chef) & I got to take Kira outside in the cold, windy rain most of the time. Although I love this campground, I feel really cut off because we can’t even get a cell fon signal.

We’ll see how Friday goes. . .

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