Friday, November 19, 2010

Window Insulation

Today started out pretty nippy, but the wind died down and the sun has come out, so I decided it was a good time to put the bubble wrap back up on the Casita windows. Last year, I just taped it to the metal frame. Duh, not the best way to reduce condensation, huh?

So this year, I cut & taped together larger pieces of bubble wrap so I actually taped it onto the carpet around the windows. It actually creates some air space in front of the windows too. There wasn't room above the two side windows to actually tape the bubble wrap, so I just crammed it in. Hopefully with the blind down, it will stay in place and be somewhat effective.  If it helps - great.  If not, I haven't lost much. I was going to take a photo from the outside also, but even with direct sunlight on this window, I could barely see the bubble wrap thru the tinting.

We're still hoping for at least one more outing (two would be better) this year before bedding her down for the winter. As long as the roads aren't slick and campsites aren't muddy, we can manage boondocking without running water from the Casita system.
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