Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Blog Gadgets

I've really gotten addicted to reading travel/camping blogs, and I see some very interesting gadgets (or widgets) on some of them. So, this evening I did some Google searches to find a plethora of 3rd party gadgets for blogs. Apparently creating blog gadgets is very popular. I limited myself to these new items:

  • Inspirational Quotes: I love quotes. I wish I could make short, concise, and deep comments like the quotes I enjoy. Unfortunately, I'm a bit long-winded much of the time. ;-)
  • Average Gas Prices: I couldn't figure out a way to select a specific location, but knowing the current average price of gas could be helpful when planning a trip.
  • A Searchable Google Map: This map is centered on the Casita factory in Rice, TX (cause somewhere was required). You can enter an address or a city/town below the map to find it's location. I like not having to open another browser tab to look up a location, so I expect to find this useful.
  • Google Chat: I don't chat a lot, preferring email (probably cause I can ramble more), but I can see a gadget coming in handy occasionally.

On a completely different subject, I visited Washington DC and the Viet Nam Memorial some years ago. I am still shocked at the degree of emotions I felt that day when I finally found the one name I was looking for written on that Wall. There is now a great website here of all those names, by their last name or by their city of record. If you click on a name, you can see their date of birth, date of death, medals, and home of record. Absolutely, totally awesome!!


  1. The first time I was at the Wall I was looking at the names and ambling along, then looked up and saw how high that Wall became, and that just about every inch of it is covered with names of our service men and women who died. At that point I couldn't hardly move forward, didn't want to go back and pass all the same names again. It was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. What a memorial! The statues are incredible in their detail as well.


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