Sunday, December 19, 2010

New poll

Since I'm curled up warm — wishing the winter away, I'm wondering how soon in 2011 other people are wanting/planning to go on their first outing in their trailer. So, I have a new poll listed now.

Last year we ventured off in February to a Kansas Fishing Lake west of St. Joseph, MO.  We got there about dark, got stuck in some not-quite-frozen mud trying to turn around, had the place to ourselves, and ended up parked right next to the bathrooms for the night (on solid gravel). The wind was seriously racing up our tail pipe from across the lake, but we stayed comfortable all night under lots of covers and the furnace on low.  The next morning was gloomy, still windy, and nothing remotely picturesque in sight. Definitely not a good fishing day for Jeff either, so we drove up to Council Bluffs (Omaha) to visit Camping World just for the fun of it.  We stayed in the last state park in Iowa along southbound I-29 the next night with electricity.  Jeff met a man using his metal detector to find coins and small items which he sold and saved in his "retirement fund".  Later Jeff found a nice, used metal detector then on Craig's List but hasn't used it much (he'd rather be fishing).

We haven't made definite plans for this year yet — but you can bet it'll be the first semi-warmish weekend we have without snow/ice on the roads. Actually clear roads, sunshine, and a safe weather forecast will work, even if it's still close to freezing.  We can load up and leave within a couple of hours max, even if it's for one night at our closest and almost favorite spot at Atchison State Fishing Lake.

So what are you planning (hoping)?


  1. I'm hoping to do some nearby camping during the Jan-Mar timeframe - maybe the Central CA coast. I want to leave for the east in April. All plans subject to change, as usual.

  2. Glad I came and checked out your blog! Great stuff here! I will bet that Jeff loves metal detecting after he has spent a little time with it. I have had at least one of them with me for about the last 7 years now and have found so many cool things! The first time a person finds an old silver coin shining up at them from the ground, they are usually hooked :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"


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