Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crunch Time!

I haven’t posted anything for awhile because I’ve either been busy. . .or just too tuckered out to do much more than read email & blogs. Since this is a continuing ‘saga’, I’m also reluctant to mention things that aren’t concluded yet. At least, I ended my part time job Thursday giving English lessons to European business people. I enjoyed the job, but being available for lessons 5am-noon M-Th has been difficult. My sleeping routine has been severely messed up all winter. Waking up at 2am on weekends for no good reason is a pain. My brain seems to turn to mush every afternoon!

I have completed Level 2 Reiki training from Betty Barnes at Reiki Warm Hands. I’ve really enjoyed learning about Reiki therapy & have provided relief to Jeff a couple of times for sore, strained muscles. It’s not a religion or even a philosophy, & Betty has a good explanation on her website.

So, we started moving ‘stuff’ to Jeff’s daughter’s house last weekend, either for them to keep & use, or for them to put out in a yard sale for us. They’re getting more ‘stuff’ this weekend & next weekend too. May 8th is Mother’s Day, & we’ll be turning over our car to Jeff’s daughter then. We’ll also start hauling everything else to the auction barn for our May 14th auction.

There’s just a few things I’m not ready to get rid of so we also have to make a 4hr trip to Springfield MO this week to drop off a few pieces of furniture at my best, oldest girlfriend’s house — mainly, an antique library table I rescued from a back porch in the early 70’s. She’s also buying my antique oak bed frame (called a Canon Ball design due to the footboard). Over the decades, this library table has been a desk, dining room table, TV table, computer table, & if it was a bit larger, could be a bed. It’s even been to & survived Guam! We’re also storing a few things at my parents’ house, like our Sleep Number bed.

Another big change this week that causes much sadness is taking our elderly cats (ages 14-16) to their new homes. Thankfully I’ve found a couple of ladies with barns in the country who take in non-adoptable cats for them to live out their lives without having to adapt to new houses & people. I’ve stressed so much about making the ‘right’ choice for them. They were all born in our house, & I’d hoped they could die of old age in the only home they’ve ever known.

Then there is the worry of getting the 2 cats we’re taking with us used to living in the trailer & traveling. Life will not be boring I’m sure. Thankfully, Kira & the cats are all used to each other. Kira actually acts more like a cat at times than a dog, & Boots (our large Maine Coon) acts more like a dog than a cat at times. And TK (Trucker Kitty) is very territorial & doesn’t like any other cats in HER area. She’s fine sharing with Kira though. As an abandoned kitten I rescued from a country road, Boots slept with us as a kitten though, so we’re hoping TK will remember that he is also ‘acceptable’ for ‘her’ area.

The auctioneer told me there wasn’t much of a chance of selling my grandmother’s old, oak, up-right piano, but I finally found a church in Kansas City willing to put it in their basement. Since my grandparents were extremely active in a small, country church all their lives, I think my grandmother would be happy to know her prized piano will continue to be useful.

I’ve still got to scan in old photos & then mail them to my aunt who is the family genealogist. I’m also sending her the old sheet music from the piano bench.
We’ve been hauling off our recyclables: plastic/glass/tin & aluminum cans. We have the ‘junk’ pile yet to load up & sell for a penny a pound. I’ve been trying to find people who want old electrical equipment, pallets, & other assorted stuff.

We’re having the utilities cut off on May 16th so we will be living in the trailer most of the week before the auction with water/electricity available so we can get settled without actually going anywhere yet.

Our world is popping out in green everywhere suddenly. I love the little blue flowers on periwinkle.

The redbuds got to bloom too without getting frost bite this year.

And my lilac is almost finished blooming.

And the Sweet William are very prolific this year, sprinkled throughout the yards & woods.

I even discovered some fresh morel mushrooms in the side yard last weekend. Wasn’t even looking for them — just stepped on one.DSC03247

Jeff ‘baked’ them with a homemade beer batter, but I prefer the way my mom fixed them (fried with a flour/cornmeal breading).

Thankfully it’s been a cooler, more comfortable April than usual. We’ve had to turn on the A/C sometimes in mid-April due to heat & humidity. But I’m being very frugal this year, so no A/C before we hit the road. . .unless I think I’m dying.

Lots of interesting blogs & various comments on the royal wedding; the death & destruction from tornadoes in the South; the loss of pets; indecision, commitments, & adjustments to full timing. My fears & insecurities are always calmed when I remember to be thankful for all my blessings. Thanks also to all who have sent me comments. The support of this RV community is so great, needed, and apreciated.


  1. Glenda, hope you and Jeff are well. Sorry to hear about your recent troubles. Judy and I talked the other night and we both agree we are all just one bannana peel away from full timing in our Casita. Of course, she believes I would like that. (I don't tell her she is right}.

    Wish I had some of those morels!

    Safe Travels,

    Rob Rupp

  2. Been keeping you in my heart and thoughts through this time, and sending oodles of Reiki to you, Jeff and the kitties. I hope you guys will take some time to recharge your batteries when you do get on the road. Love you!

  3. Hi there! So glad to have seen your comment on my blog. Looks like I have another good blog to follow now. I just need to go back and sort of get myself acquainted with you.

    Sounds like you are getting ready to fulltime. We have one cat, a stray I found as a kitten. He has adjusted well.

    We have been on the road since 2/2010. Hope to meet you down the road sometime.


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