Friday, May 6, 2011

Making Progress!

Things are selling thru CraigsList & to neighbors, all six elderly cats reluctantly went to new homes, piano was much appreciated at a small church, closets, garage, & basement are getting cleaned out, more junk getting burned, donated, or recycled, all the trees now have new leaves, the two resident cats (Boots & TK) seem happy to be ‘only children’, Jeff’s been cleaning out more kitchen stuff with enough food staples to live on for a couple of months, and we’re both still living on ibuprofen. By the time we drive out of here, we’re going to be in better shape!


I’m gona miss watching my various irises bloom during the next few months.

Speaking of leaving, we’ve been looking for somewhere in MO to workkamp so we can make a few doctor appointments & my class reunion this summer & be close to my elderly parents. I’m beginning to think we really need some time to decompress & adjust before getting into workkamping. We’re thinking hard about going to Chase County Kansas State Fishing Lake from here, stay free for as long as 14 days at a time, camp on the lake where Jeff can fish, cook, & enjoy a campfire, Kira can run loose, the cats can adjust to being on leashes, & I will have cell fon & MiFi svc to feed my computer addiction. We could even take a dip in the swimming area if the heat & humidity get bad.  I’m really ready for some slow, simple time since it’s been a long time without worries, stress, & deadlines. Stop the world so I can get off for awhile to recharge.


Even chives blooming is a welcomed sight.

I seem to be finding more & more great full timing RVer’s & Casita owner’s blogs to read, & have even discovered (well, rediscovered since I’d forgotten about it) a Facebook group called Casita Owners. I really have to get more familiar with Facebook sometime soon since I don’t do much with it. In fact I’ve got a short list of various interests to ‘work’ on when I have the time & energy.

Yup, this total change of lifestyle is really happening. I’m waiting for some sense of sadness, or regret, or fear. . .but it just hasn’t happened so far. I’m already feeling much lighter just from the stuff we’ve already gotten rid of, so a couple of weeks from now should feel so much better.

Thanks for the supportive comments & emails I’ve received so far. It keeps me from thinking I’ve lost my mind!  LOL


  1. I can feel the excitement. Have a blast and maybe we'll meet down the road. I'm headed to Missouri in the next few weeks via Wyoming and Pennsylvania, but in my TV. Looks like I'll be getting a Scamp, at least the current plan. The Escapes are 5 months out right now. No response from ParkLiner or Lil Snoozy so not going to wait around.

    Good luck and fair winds as you travel. Enjoy the good life. I know I will when I finally get there.

    Nick ( not really a RV blog yet but will turn into that.

  2. Ah yes, lightening and enlightening, divesting oneself of stuff!

  3. You two are my inspiration.


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