Friday, July 29, 2011

A busy week. . .

My class reunion last Saturday was a lot of fun. Since I’ve known most of my classmates since we were all nine years old, we all sort of feel like distant cousins now. Sure glad it was held inside tho since it was triple digits outside!

We drove up to Kansas City Sunday afternoon and parked in a girlfriend’s driveway. It’s almost always shady along a quiet street and we’re very comfortable driveway-docking. Then we visited Jeff’s daughter & got to see how much his 3-yo grandson has grown in just a few months.

We spent 6 hours at the VA Hospital in Leavenworth KS Monday for Jeff’s numerous appointments and check-ups. I read blogs on my Citrus while I was waiting. How totally kewl!!  Then we did a little shopping & other errands on the way back to the trailer. We sure were tuckered out from the day’s activities and heat.

We didn’t accomplish a thing Tuesday – just rested & caught up on email & blogs. I cleaned house Wednesday morning and then had my 6-month mammogram/follow-up in the afternoon. Never thought I’d look forward to that — but it’s always a relief to get an OK.

Since my girlfriend and her husband both work during the day & it’s still terribly hot/humid outside, we decided it was a good time for a movie marathon the rest of the week. We got 3 movies from RedBox Wednesday afternoon (True Grit, Drive Angry, & Unknown). Then returned them Thursday & got 5 more movies (Inception, Season of the Witch, The Adjustment Bureau, The Lincoln Lawyer, & Rules of Engagement) which we returned today. That’s our movie fix for several months.

After a great steak dinner with our driveway hosts last night, we discovered an email from the campground in Branson where we were going to work. Seems the couple we were to replace decided to stay, so there was no longer an opening for us. After a fitful night’s sleep, we searched for another ‘assignment’ this morning, sent an email to the one that interested us most, & a phone call later, we start working next Saturday (Aug 6) at Pagosa Riverside Campground near Pagosa Springs, CO, along the San Juan River, doing much the same thing as at the campground in NC (minus the canoe rentals). The dry temperatures there are barely in the 80’s!!!  We had originally wanted a summer job in CO, so we’re thrilled with this opportunity.

So, we’re adjusted our plans for the coming week to move up our departure date and get our goodbyes done. And we’ve got to take our winter stuff with us now too since we could be in CO until season’s end in mid-November. Wow, this is finally starting to be a lifestyle instead of just a long summer camping trip.


  1. Congrats on the negative mammmogram! And also on getting the assignment you wanted. I love it when one door closes and another opens! Can't wait to read about your CO adventures!

  2. Good deal on the check-up. So happy y'all were able to locate another assignment so fast. We were in the southern Colorado area last Oct. and drove over to Pagosa Springs. It is a beautiful area. Hopefully the work schedule will allow you time to explore the area.

    Stay Safe

  3. Also think it is good to hear good medical reports.

    Pagosa Springs will be a real delight for you. From there, it is short day trips to Mesa Verde over by Cortez (figure a full day as there is a lot to see), the Durango to Silverton Railroad (you can train up and back or train up and bus back), Treasure Falls east of Pagosa Springs, Silver Falls (country road not far from Treasure Falls), and so much more.

    You will enjoy it.

  4. So glad to hear the check-up went well. There is always apprehension till you hear those wonderful words...OK!!
    Glad you were able to get another workamp position and in such a nice location. Things always have a tendency to work out for the best. Good luck!!

  5. Pagosa Springs is a beautiful place! We have always just driven through but one day...

  6. Great news on the mammo. Understand holding your breath, I still do for daughter. Will keep thinking positive thoughts for you.

    You'll see a bunch of Casitas in the PS area shortly after Labor Day as the Casita Solo Rally is being held there at another campground (Blanco RV) - think there are around 25 of them 09/06 to -09/12. Hope you get a chance to see some of them.


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