Saturday, December 31, 2011

Departing San Antonio

It took us all Friday morning (12/30/11) to pack up the back of the pickup & get ready to roll. The fence people came by & dismantled our protection, but the porta potty & dumpster still hadn’t been picked up. However, when the boss came by to pay us, we were seriously ready to get outa town!

We jumped on the freeway by 2pm. . .heading northeast sort of. The traffic getting on I-35 toward Austin was mind numbing. But, all that really mattered was that we were moving. We finally stopped around 4pm at McDonalds in San Marcos (half hour south of Austin) when I got my first chance all day to download email.

Wow, I had an email from one of my blog followers who was heading west with their Casita & staying in or near Austin for a couple of nights (hah, for the rest of the year). Unfortunately, her email arrived just after 7am. . .eight hours earlier, but I shot her an email with my cell fon # anyway. SHE GOT THE EMAIL IMMEDIATELY and gave me a call. Now that’s two who’d a thunk it events today.

After we talked, I then called to make reservations also at McKinney Falls State Park. . .right up the road from us in Austin, TX.  What a fantastic way to end the year!

My trusty little Citrus Android led us right to the park, and our friends had already alerted the park office to assign us to the empty campsite across the road from them. That’s number three event! We met, talked, shared a meal, talked some more, and had the most fantastic time.

This didn’t really get posted until 2/11/12.

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  1. McKinney Falls is a nice area. Glad you got to meet up with not only fellow bloggers but Casta-ites (?) to boot! Glad you posted - was wondering how you guys are doing!


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