Sunday, January 1, 2012

McKinney Falls–Austin TX

We had THE MOST FANTASTIC time meeting up with Lynn & Dave in Austin. Couldn’t have asked for better company, weather, or location. It’s so amazing to meet someone new and instantly feel like you grew up together.

Saturday morning (New Year’s Eve), we four and Kira walked from our campsites to the McKinney upper falls. There’s a lower falls also. It was perfect weather — a gentle breeze & blue bird clear skies. Neither of the falls are large, but the water is pretty low now.

The water has really cut intricate channels thru the limestone where ancient volcanoes had flowed. Much of the exposed rock has pot holes scattered all over.

Then we walked farther north (away from our campsites) to view the lower falls. The scenic trail skirted along above the Onion Creek, and included going under a natural overhang used by Native Americans.

There are lots of bald cypress trees lining the banks with their cluster of exposed roots.

One Cypress tree in particular is hundreds of years old, with a trunk that looks to be close to 4’ in diameter.

Lots of Live Oak trees, and even some sort of southern Red Oak which still had it’s reddish Fall leaves attached. Reminded me of home since we had lots of oak trees on our property.

Toward the lower falls, the eroded rock formations were even visible under the water.

The lower falls ran across the same limestone base before falling into the pool below.

Boy were we all tuckered out by the time we walked the 2 miles or so back [uphill] to our campsites. Even Kira lost most of her spit & vinegar by the time we got back to the trailer. We all enjoyed the experience immensely though.

After some quiet, kick-back afternoon time, Jeff reciprocated last night’s salmon dinner provided by Lynn by fixing chicken marsala for us. Yum. By 8pm though, we were all still pooped out and full besides, so we retired to our own Casitas for the rest of the year. Jeff & I watched some PBS television until falling asleep around 10pm. I sure am glad the New Year can do it’s thing without my supervision cause I wasn’t up for it.

Tomorrow, we continue our trek north.


  1. Happy New Year. Looks like a nice park.

  2. We have been in the Austin area for a week, actually in Georgetown but we are leaving tomorrow, Didn't make it out to that park, I'll have to put it on the list for next time.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! So many places to visit. Happy New Year and safe travels to you both.


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