Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happiness in Branson

We arrived at Compton Ridge Campground, west of Branson, MO last Saturday around noon from Springfield, MO. It was a perfect travel day — little wind, clear sky, good road, light traffic, short distance. It’s been fun watching Spring advance by the mile instead by the days when being in one spot.

Map picture

Unfortunately, it rained on & off most of Sunday & produced fog Monday morning.

We had a short orientation with the campground managers & then got settled in our new campsite in the workkampers’ loop. We have four full cell phone bars from inside the trailer, but with this very wooded campground, there’s no way to receive a DirecTV satellite signal even thru bare branches. I sure do miss watching television using a DVR where I can record the shows I may fall asleep during, pause shows for a potty break or phone call, & rewind to hear a specific when & where. Anyone know how to set up or what to use to record & rewind without having a satellite signal? At least we’ll have plenty of shade once the trees leaf out.

Wow, it’s been such a pleasure to once again have unlimited water supply while being hooked up to a sewer.  No more filling the fresh water tank or breaking camp to go to a dump station. I’m thankful for having those options but this is more like a conventional life now instead camping.

Now that we’ll be nested for six or more months, I think the cats will probably be much happier too. Boots is about the wearout the door going inside & out. Besides a plethora of new smells, Kira already has a new buddy to play with in the fenced dog park. And as more workkampers arrive, there will be even more doggie pals for her.

We’ve completed our first 4 days for this work week (4 hrs each) needed for our campsite. Our weekend will involve some cleaning & organizations between a little sight seeing. One of our duties this week was burning off the huge accumulation of oak leaves in & around the dog park that we visit several times a day. It’s large enough for Kira to do some serious running around off leash too. This is a really gorgeous campground — lots & lots & lots of trees with flat campsites snuggled in amongst them, all up, down, & around the hillsides. Amazing how much usable space is carved out of these hills!

I’m so glad to see the same gorgeous Spring plants I enjoyed before moving to a bed on wheels.

If ANYONE is in the area & wants to meet up, please let me know. After two months of living in S&B neighborhoods, it’s such a joyful relief to be back with fellow RVers.


  1. We were down in Branson in Nov for Veterans Week, Sam met one of the flyers he flew with in the Navy, actually it ended up being three of them who hadn't seen each other almost 40 years, one went to high school with Sam.That one has a summer place looks like it is pretty close to you, we may bring the fiver down and stay on their property and meet up with you this summer sometime.It is 4 hours from where we live in Dardenne Prairie down to Branson, Tell Jeff if he still has his cdl with air & pass endorsement Husky Trailways is always looking for part time retired guys to drive motor coaches, I did it for a couple years and the money wasn't bad, and you can make pretty good tips,I had to quit because i was making to much money and it was all coming out of my social security.Have a great time and be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Thanks for the info, but Jeff didn't renew his CDL a few years back cause he was really wanting 'off the road'. He'd much rather be cooking for a living than driving. Would love to have you visit the area, so let me know when.

  3. Looks like you have a great spot. Hope you enjoy your new work camping gig!

  4. A new home for six months in a beautiful place. And...beautiful foilage. It looks like you have everything there. Even and indoor pool. Is it heated?

  5. The covered pool isn't technically heated, but it's going to accumulate quite abit of heat when the sun's out. Is does get a pool cover on it every night tho to hold in whatever heat it gets daily.We're looking forward to the summer here. . .as long as it isn't 110 degrees all summer!

  6. We're just down the road from you at Branson View Campground. Stop by and say hi! Our workamping hours are a bit more grueling than yours as we only have Tuesday and Wednesday off.


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