Sunday, March 11, 2012

“Is that an earthquake?”

We started out this nomadic lifestyle by traveling with Kira & both cats safely riding in their individual carriers in the pickup back seat. I quickly learned tho that as soon as I put even ONE small item onto the bed in preparation for the journey, one or both cats immediately scampered for hidden places. Consequently, I’d have to put both cats in the pickup before stowing anything for a trip. . .or one or the other simply hid in the trailer while we traveled to a new location.

Amazingly, the cats seem to be less traumatized by moving tho by riding in the trailer rather than by safely being in their crates in the pickup. At least they can also access water, food, & the litter pan when the trailer is stopped in addition to moving around if they want.

So. . .while watching the miles slide by under the truck/trailer, I wondered (worried?) about how the cats are reacting in a moving trailer. . .and my mind imagines the following conversations between Boots (large Maine Coon male) and TK (small, skittish half-Manx female):

“Boots, why is the bed jumping around? Is this an earthquake?”

“No, TK. You don’t even KNOW what an earthquake feels like. Our house is just moving.”

“OMG, are we gona be OK?”

“Yeah, TK. Just take another nap. At least we’re still inside our HOME.”

Boots, move over. I’m scared. I want to hide in there beside you.”

“Oh, TK, you wimp. Just squeeze in under here & don’t bug me. We’ll be OK.”

“Thanks, Boots. I feel much safer now.”


Boots, we’ve stopped. Do you think we’ll stay here tonight?”

The pickup isn’t running, so maybe we’ve stopped for the day.”

But they’re not making those noises sitting up the trailer when we stay for the night. Ooooohhhh, are we gona move some more?”

TK, stop whining! You sound like a DOG! We’ll be OK. Go have a snack or something while we’re stopped.”

OK, so maybe they don’t exactly communicate in people language, & these two don’t always seem to like each other. But when we are stopped for the night & I un-stow things off the bed, I find them both curled up together under the table (shelf) along the side of the bed. They both look at me like. . .

“It’s about time! What took so long?”

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