Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Utility Shell

While camped at Weston Bend SP after our trek to SD, I decided to check CraigsList in Kansas City for a different camper shell for our Dodge RAM 1500 pickup. We got a cheap, used camper shell before going to pick up our new Casita in July 2008, but Jeff continued to ‘want’ some sort of a utility shell instead – one with bins accessible from the outside & easier to organize. In deed, packing our conventional pickup shell is much like storing things in a black hole. Once hidden behind something else, it took major efforts to get to it again later when needed. But still, I didn’t want to look like we drove an electric truck!

Unfortunately, none of the possible shells in the KC area would fit our Dodge truck, so I checked the Springfield, MO area. YEE HAW, I found a major contender. After a phone call, we were even more excited to look at this utility shell in Republic, MO (SW of Springfield, MO).

We arranged to meet the camper shell owner Sunday morning at his shop/business to check out the shell. Other than being windy, it was a beautiful day for a drive. Once we arrived, the shell’s design was exactly what we were looking for & looked like it would fit our truck! After a some careful measurements to make sure this 400# baby would fit, the shell was loaded onto our pickup. Wow – it was a perfect fit!


We bought it! And got a discount on the price because the owner took our old camper shell & the tail gate we no longer needed. Boy were we happy campers! Literally!

During this trip, we continued talking about possibly getting married. Did we really want to take a chance of messing up our perfect relationship of 17 years? Although we’ve been engaged for the past 12 years —NOW? Really? What would be the advantage(s) of being married? How would the legal ties affect our relationship? OMG, really, really??? I last got married nearly 30 yrs ago & Jeff’s last marriage was 32 yrs ago. It’s not like we had to get married or anything.

Definitely some thing we had to sleep on before making any rash decisions.


  1. If you have a very good relationship as it is, why change anything? What you're doing seems to work.

  2. Nice looking camper shell, now you need the pullout shelf for the bed of the truck - so you don't have to crawl in there to get things.

  3. I love this shell! Looks very versatile! Way to go!

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