Saturday, June 23, 2012

Campground activities

Branson, MO, thru June 15, 2012

The Campground and Café has had a pretty busy month of June. We had a week of Woodcarvers occupying ALL of our dinner hall so we moved six round tables into the backroom of the kitchen area for other campers to use. Some of the carvings that were displayed are amazing.

As we were still cleaning up all the wood chips left by all the carving, BTW (Brothers of the Third Wheel) started moving into the Hall. I’ve learned there’s a distinct difference in people who bikes or trikes. The imagination used to create unique three-wheeled motorcycles knows NO BOUNDS. Here’s a link to view some of these one-of-a-kind machines. I’m not a fan of zooming along a road with parts of my body only a few inches above the surface (motorized or not) nor having no protection from weather (sun/heat, wet, cold/windy, etc), so my favorites have roofs:

OK, so no roof, but — a possum!!! How kewl is that?

The Café activities went so well with the six round tables in front of the wall where the kitchen is located worked so well that it is becoming the permanent eating area, leaving the meeting hall for group activities (whether eating or not). We still have the front counter for serving a large group or catering meals, but having the main eating area in the kitchen means we have much less area to keep clean. . .& I don’t have to walk quite as far (every step saved times 3 dozen helps my feet a lot).

During these two weeks of group meetings, the Café was moving A LOT of food so all we did was work & try to recover from the heat & standing/walking. However. . .I’ve been collecting some tip money during all this activity, so we finally got to do the tourist thing on our days off that will be the next (one or two) blog posts.

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