Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Theme Song

Some really good, warm-fuzzy things have happened in the past few weeks I’d like to share.

Since I’ve never worked in the food service industry before (I had a desk, phones, computers, & did phone customer service & data entry), juggling taking food orders & payments has been rough on me. . .well mainly on my FEET. Geez, they hurt up all the way up beyond the top of my head after some shifts. I’m getting comfortable with the cash register & really enjoy talking to all our customers (where are you from, have you been here before, etc), but it’s hard to be jolly when you just want to sit down. Also, café food supplies are ordered on Tuesdays & deliveries arrive on Wednesdays — two of our three (recovery) days off, & Jeff has felt like he needed to take care of these things himself as the head chef [Delegate, honey!]. That kept us from going to visit my parents for a month now. So between not getting away from work for very long, wanting to visit my parents, & hurting whenever I moved, I was about ready to say “take this job & shove it.” [I also felt unsupportive of my new husband’s cooking position.] 

Well, a couple of amazing (to me anyway) things happened. Once I realized that my fear of doing such a horrible job that we were going to get fired & left homeless & penniless was the worst case scenario, & we would manage whatever happened. Once I let go of that fear, everything got easier (go figure!). I also got a nice pair of shoe insoles that makes a world of difference in how tired or sore I get now!

So Jeff did the food inventory Monday evening & worked with the relief cook (Jeff also) so HE can place the Tuesday food order & receive it on Wednesday (the days he was working anyway), & we finally got a chance to go visit my parents yesterday in their new little apartment. We had a great, lazy visit with them, & they seem to be getting fairly comfortable there. Plus we dropped Kira off at my girlfriend’s house in Springfield on the way thru town so she could have a play date with Jenni’s two doggies in a regular house with a big fenced-in backyard.

As if this wasn’t enough to do a happy dance over, I received an email offer yesterday from a blog reader who is sending us their unneeded VCR so we can record the TV shows we miss while working. [Hey, I gotta do something while I rest my tootsies.] Thank you so much for your generosity, Jules.

But the top of my little high this week was receiving my very own personal song for our wedding, written by a long-time friend, Wanda Canfield, who is a very accomplished & talented musician and music teacher in Philadelphia (& a darned good IR photographer too). The song is copyrighted by her, but I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Glenda's Fanfare


  1. So relaxing. My mind and body together found it to be a very relaxing piece. Love it.

    1. So glad you enjoy this song also. I'm still just over-joyed with it. Never had my 'own song'. Thanks for your comment.


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