Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City

Branson, MO

Funny thing about this record-breaking temperatures this week — the humidity is lower than usual. Between the rains & flooding in Florida and Colorado burning up, the Plains are just roasting! So, we decided visiting Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City (SDC) might be a tolerable activity for this heat.

We wondered around SDC in the cooler part of the day before going thru the Cave, watching the blacksmith making a horseshoe,

and the glass blower making a glass vase,

and the potter making a bowl.

I tried to find something small & useful to buy as a souvenir, but not having much room for unnecessary items has really altered my shopping choices. Fortunately, I really did want a soup bowl & found this one at the pottery shed.

We don’t have a lot of glass or breakables, so this may have to travel with my underwear!

We walked across this large swinging bridge on our way to the cave. It was interesting. . .until a herd of children crossed behind us & had it rockin’ & rollin’.

So between the walking, crowds, & heat, we took a ride around the park on the little train in the hopes of cooling off. It didn’t help much — so it was definitely time for a trip underground.

Marvel Cave was discovered by Native Americans & because of the bats that lived there, was called the Devil Cave. The first white owners sold bat guano from it. The Cave Guides warned everyone several times about the 700 something steps in the tour, the small spaces to squeeze thru, & the uneven & wet steps because getting an injured person out of that cave is way beyond difficult. So off we went. . .down into this original sink hole! 

This is looking back up the stairs getting down to the first huge chamber.

This is a limestone cave, with a huge underground lake (not visited) & a waterfall at the very bottom of the visited area.

My cave photography isn’t the best & of course the lighting conditions weren’t too good. However, the colored lights on the waterfall is my favorite photo.

With all the steps, bending & climbing, the Cave’s 60° temperature was just perfect. As a youngster, this was the first cave I ever visited, & any subsequent caves were always compared to Marvel Cave — & usually found lacking. Jeff has visited numerous caves & was very impressed with Marvel Cave.

We had a great day in spite of the oppressive temperatures. At least the humidity has been tolerable.

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