Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Titanic Museum

Branson, MO

In spite of the three-digit degree weather gripping the area this last week of June, we managed to enjoy our days off doing a bit more sight seeing in the area.

We just stopped by the Titanic Museum to see when a “tour” would be available. . .& there was room for us right then — so off we went. Photos aren’t allowed inside (due to copyrighted material), but comparing it to the traveling exhibition we saw in Kansas City years ago, this is an awesome collection of memorabilia and details. We spent two hours walking thru the air-conditioned space, and besides my feet starting to hurt, our eyes were glazing over by the end from all the information overload. Everyone got a digital display unit to wear around their necks to punch in a number for listening to details about the numerous displays. There was lots & lots of interesting trivia too. . .like 10 dogs being on board.

The outside of the building is pretty dramatic too.

This looks like the bow of the ship cruising thru water.

Oops, there’s an iceberg next to the ship!

At the side of the pool at the bow with the iceberg is some fire on the water.

It’s a very impressive building.

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  1. Sounds like a fascinating tour. One I'd love to do someday.

    Loved the pictures.


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