Friday, September 6, 2013

Ebook Review

Vanabode, by Jason Odom
I got a copy of this ebook & found it very helpful & an easy read. I really love Jason’s reasoning for living small & mobile, plus his reverence for living green & respecting the earth.

He covers many useful subjects: food, sleeping, personal hygiene, sex, protection from the elements, fun, navigation, budget, mail, laundry, weather, safety, making money while you travel, & a list of items he carries in his van — for him AND his wife.

Although this ebook is $27, if you considering traveling, camping, or living full time in a van or small travel trailer, this is a must have resource. He covers the whole gambit of worries you might have about full-timing (in any sized RV). If you’re already doing this (like we have been doing for over two years now), you’ve probably already picked up most of his suggestions although he gives good reasoning behind his practices & a few new-to-me ideas. I spent YEARS reading blogs & forums to figure out how NOT to reinvent the wheel, & this book would have been a BIG help when we were researching the full-time lifestyle. So if you don’t have the time or energy to spend hours reading how others are full-timing in a small space, this book will jump start your plans. It’s also reassuring to read how someone else has been living mobile & small very comfortably for so long, so this ebook is good for seasoned travelers too.

He is also one of the few authors who provides one-on-one help to anyone buying his book. Very approachable. And he provides lifetime updates of his book to his customers.

Sep 8th addition: Forgot to mention that with each purchase you get FREE access to Jason's Destination Guide which has hundreds of pages containing hundreds of pictures and write ups from his first hand experiences in exploring the areas.

Recommended: YES
Get it here


  1. Sounds like a good read!! We plan to travel extensively in our Casita. We have already full-timed in a 40ft. DP and now we want to actually get into some awesome sites and afford the gas to travel. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Nice write up for the e-book. You'll do well with this...will add this book to my wish list. As a small traveler...I'll take any hints I can get!


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