Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ebook Review

RV Packing Tips, by Peggi McDonald

I’ve also had a chance to review this ebook which I’m promoting. Peggi has been full-time RVing for 20 years & writes various columns about the lifestyle, as well as giving seminars on the subject. She even includes tips given by other RVers. Whew, this lady has been living the life!

Keep in mind, this accumulation of tips is aimed at living and/or traveling in a much larger RV than my beloved 17’ Casita, but. . .I found some unique storage tips even for our small space. These tips work for short-term camping too.

  • Efficient & easy storage of jewelry, shoes, tools, food, & important papers
  • Re-use ideas for boxed wine containers & empty beer boxes
  • Ideas for traveling with & entertaining children
  • Ways to minimize space needed for various items, like cereal, chips, & even bedding
  • How to store delicate & fragile items for traveling
  • Shopping, organizational & cleaning tips for both inside & outside your RV
  • Uses for empty toilet paper & paper towel tubes
  • Displaying photos even with limited (bare) or no wall space
  • Bungee cord & Velcro magic
  • Multiple uses of limited cooking utensils
  • Safety & security ideas around the patio & awning
  • Great suggestion for a final pass before hitting the road
  • Cooking & meal preparation short cuts
  • Surviving with a refrigerator that stops working
  • Tips for emergency repairs
  • Dog & cat care & safety ideas
  • Banking in a foreign country (Peggi is Canadian)
  • Money management tips
  • Uses for alka seltzer, vinegar, WD-40, Gatorade, Colgate toothpaste, Altoids, horseradish & olive oil, honey, Listerine, nail polish, tomato paste, Quaker oats, & baking soda
  • Safety & maintenance tips for the RV
  • Tips for coping with humidity
  • How to keep bugs, mice, etc out of your rig — plus away from you
  • Suggestions for the have to have with me items
  • Holiday decorating
  • Tips for traveling with technology
  • Must have items whenever traveling (such as extra keys & medicine, plus medical records & more)

Since Peggi travels in a motorhome, she also has some great ideas for keeping the cab of her RV organized. I especially love the suggestion how to increase the size of a cup holder to accommodate large-bottomed cups (like the one usually attached to my hand).

Overall, this $12.95 ebook is jam-packed with efficient, inexpensive useful ideas for both full- or sometimes RVers, in any size rig (or even a sticks & bricks home). With all the information she’s accumulated tho, you basically have to read thru every page to get the suggestions you can use. I don’t really know how it could be organized better, but I found bits & pieces of information where I didn’t expect it to be.

**Takes notes as you read this ebook of ideas applicable to you & the page #.

Recommended: YES (If I didn’t think it was a good buy, I’d remove it from my promotions list.)

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