Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Out of the Canyon

Have you ever felt like you really needed to be somewhere else? The last few weeks working in Poudre Canyon made me feel like that. There was more than a NIP in the air. . .winter was definitely getting ready to pounce! The Grill stayed open until Oct 31, but we didn’t have any crowds (I had time to read several ebooks). The Poudre Canyon Highway finally opened a week before we left so traffic & customers picked up a bit. Unfortunately, the storms that caused all the flooding around Boulder blew out the digital circuit boards on the washers & dryers at the Resort so the dirty laundry was stacking up. And the wifi was being enhanced/repaired, so I had to go a mile up the road to the Fire Station to check email, Facebook, & blogs. Other than the DirecTV still working, I was starting to feel really isolated. . .& cold.

Tuesday, Oct 1, we made one last drive up Poudre Canyon, beyond Cameron Pass to visit the Moose Visitor’s Center & look at the aspens & cottonwoods turning at higher elevations. AND there’s snow on the peaks!

It was a bittersweet departure leaving such a gorgeous place. . .but not wanting to stick around too close to winter. I know where my snow boots are but I really don’t want to need to dig them out! Our last sunset was gorgeous.

So Tuesday, Oct 2, at 7:30 am, we pulled out of our 4½ months’ parking spot & headed down the Canyon one last time, headed for Colorado Springs & Garden of the Gods before going East. Not too much color yet, but got the morning sun glowing off this one tree.

On the road again. . .


  1. Hooray! Glad you are moving! Loved the sunset picture....are you using the new camera or old?

    Take care and drive safe......

  2. Using Canon while riding for zooming in but Sony for stationary shots since the color is better. Can't' find a way to tweak colors. SOOOO great moving again. Heading to Kansas today.

  3. Nice pix! I used to have a Canon PowerShot S400 that I loved until it died. I've considered replacing it pocket friendly) but have yet to bit the bullet. That SX50 looks like a possible contender.


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