Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Visit from Kansas City Friends

The weekend of the Sep 18-19 at the Grill was DEAD. . .we had 10 customers the whole three days. AND it was cold & rained on Sunday too. Thankfully I-25 was opened by the time our friends, Dianna & Ward, were heading north in Colorado. However, Poudre Canyon Highway was still closed for flood repairs so they had to go north of Ft Collins & head west from Livermore, then drive a wet, BUMPY dirt road, down the side of a mountain to get to the part of Poudre Canyon Highway about a mile east of us. Ward thinks he definitely left fingerprints in his steering wheel from clutching it so hard as he went down around a sharp curves with nothing but air beyond the road! But they love, love, love the mountain scenes & air.

Monday we snuck down the Canyon, around the cones in the road, & got to see the most intense part of Poudre (pronounced POO-der) Canyon without any traffic on the road. The Poudre River was seriously raging & crashing all down the Canyon. Whew, it was higher than when we first got here in mid-May with the snow melt. There was a National Guard up the road when we went back up canyon to get home. Here are some of the dramatic scenery in that one section.

If you want to see more photos of this area, click on any photo to go to my Picasa album.

Tuesday we headed west up the Canyon to Cameron Pass, & stopped along side of the road to photograph Profile Rock. I happened to turn around & saw a small herd of bighorn sheep on the mountainside. I yelled Sheep so loud that one of the rams just stood there staring at me while I took this great photo of him.

Wednesday we headed north (back up that mountain side that Ward had such misgivings about) to Red Feather Lakes. We also visited Doudy Lake.

Thursday we went BACK up that gravel road again to get to Ft Collins. Jeff & I both had appointments at the VA Clinic while Dianna & Ward investigated the town. Unfortunately, my phone battery died (need a new one) & I couldn’t call Dianna to come back for us when we finished. Besides, she’d forgotten her phone at the cabin. . . & I didn’t have Ward’s cell phone number. I finally borrowed a lady’s computer at the clinic & Facebooked a message to Dianna’s daughter to call them to come back for us. Whew — I was about ready to implode. We had a nice lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, stopped at Wal-Mart, & made our way back down that gravel mountain road.

Our last night we watched the full Harvest moon come up as we sat around a campfire. My new Cannon Power Shot SX50 HS really came in handy since moon shots are difficult to take. There’s A LOT more light coming off the moon that we realize. Also got a close-up of a rabbit not far from us who didn’t seem concerned about us at all while he munched on some grass.


They left Friday morning as we prepared to go to work again in the Grill. Boy it sure seems lonely around here without them in the cabin next to us. They were taking the tram up to Pike’s Peak today & seeing Garden of the Gods tomorrow before heading back home. We’re thinking of visiting Garden of the Gods in a couple of weeks when we leave here & mosey toward MO. There’s a few Kansas sights we want to visit along the way.

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