Thursday, December 17, 2015

Test of Open Live Writer

I’ve been posting to this blog on Google’s Blogger since 2008 using Windows Live Writer. However, as many of you probably know, new technologies & versions have made it impossible for the 2012 Live Writer to ever interface again with Blogger’s latest technology. For the past few posts, I’ve used Live Writer off-line to create my posts, then copy & paste it directly into Blogger while on-line. I insert photos directly on-line also. It worked. . .but wasn’t nearly as convenient as just hitting Publish from inside Live Writer.

Enter the guys on white horses. The new & updated version is called Open Live Writer & is working as well or better than the old Live Writer. You can download the free program & read on this page about the open source concept that created this program.

I started working with computers in 1988 & was always a fan & supporter of Miscrosoft Office programs. However, since being retired (with less disposable income & no office), I became a fan of Open Office. It’s also open source & free with all the bells & whistles I ever needed with MS Office. It will read & write to all the same types of files. These open source programers are like the white hat hackers because they enjoy the challenge of making a good program without all the profit-driven drama.

So, anyway, this is a great start to another c-o-l-d morning in Quartzsite AZ (26° outside my cozy abode).


  1. Hey. Thanks for this!
    Been working on creating a new Winter in Desert all day....looks like you have been using the cold weather to good advantage. Hope I can figure it out!!
    You could probably start a micro business helping others with their blogs.

  2. After my last post I received some notes on the Open Live writer. So glad those guys got together to keep a good thing going. Just used it, and it worked great. See Ya...jc


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