Monday, April 6, 2009

Greeson Lake, AR

Our first camping trip of 2009 was to meet up again with friends from the Off Road Camping

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Club [ORCC] at Greeson Lake, Kirby Landing.

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Kansas City was still looking very winter-ish so driving 9 hrs deep into Arkansas was such a pleasure to watch the Spring scenery go by.

The campground was very pretty & well kept.  We got to park right along the water too. 

It had been raining for several days, so the fishing wasn’t very good.  Of the three days we were there, it rained for several hours each of the two full days we camped.  Couldn’t even keep a campfire going. Alan & Chris got a chance to go out in their canoe the day before the rains came.


Fellow campers with ORCC together on this loop


We were at the end of this camp site loop, so the back end (windows) were facing the lake at the south east.


Friday evening the afternoon storm clouds cleared and left an awesome, purpleish sunset up the hill from our camp site, thru the woods.

Since Kira hadn’t been camping for months & was not yet 2 yrs old, she was quite excited to be in a new location around people.  We had her on a leash in front of our camp site, but away from everyone else’s campers.

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