Monday, August 31, 2009

Osage Co State Fishing Lake

Since the weather was uncharacteristically cool and comfortable for late August, we went dry camping at another Kansas State Fishing Lake — think “free”!
This lake is located south of Topeka KS, is well maintained, and appeared to be very popular {as in crowded by Saturday evening}.
Map picture
The campsites are scattered among 14 loops, with some loops having half a dozen designated spots and other loops having only one usable spot.  We were at the end of a loop right at the water’s edge with a view south to the main body of the lake and east where the channel narrows to the contributing creek.
Fishing wasn’t that great but the days were warm and the nights were cool.  I still don’t understand why I often sleep later than usual when camping.
Butterfly meal time
These thistles are a bad weed in the Plains, but their blooms are still quite exquisite.  See the bee at the top of this one?
I have no idea what wild flower these are, but they were everywhere and very delicate.
The other side of the lake, looking southeast from our campsite.
Looking northeast from our campsite where the channel is narrowing.
Just after sunset, looking south at the far shore with the main body of water on the right.

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